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1. UsenetServer Review

UsenetServer is one of the most popular on our Best Usenet Service Providers 2018. Their whopping 3,753 days Retention makes them a major contender for one of the top five spots in the Best Usenet Service Provider industry according. Usenetserver provides access to Usenet news groups and NNTP feeds for business and private use. They were chosen based on their excellent completion rates and one of the Best Usenet global search feature. They have recently added a VPN feature for online identity and data protection. You can either purchase as an add-on or as a standalone service. See why UsenetServer earned First place on our Best Usenet Service Providers 2018 list. These are just a few examples why UsenetServer continues to thrive in this extremely competitive market. … More About UsenetServer

UsenetServer Review

2. Newshosting Review

We found Newshosting to be a real powerhouse. That is why they are number 2 on our Best Usenet Service Providers list. Having one of the most advanced server designs in the Usenet Industry. 3,753 Days of Retention and growing. Highly redundant networks that operate on multi-gigabit server farms from all around the US and Europe allows them to offer blazing speeds without fail. Newshosting innovatively designed newsreader is an all inclusive package containing all the usenet tools you will need.From integrated search feature to the auto search and download you have to try it to believe it. Newshosting is the leading Best Usenet Service Provider offering free newsgroups with the fastest speeds and best online security…. More About Newshosting

Newshosting Review

3. Easynews Review

EasyNews has been a Usenet Service Provider since 1995. They offer both NNTP and Web-based services and offer something special to our Best Usenet Service Provider 2018 List. They have some distinct features we found that set them apart from their competitors. Once such feature is their web-based browser. Which allows you to easily access newsgroup with any device that has a web-browser via the HTTP web server. Didn't use all of your bandwidth this month. EasyNews offers Roll-Over gigs. Which are any bytes you didn't use that month are rolled over to the next month. NNTP header compression, zip manager and mobile app are just a few more additional perks you will receive with an EasyNews account. Easynews is the original, web-based usenet provider offering the best newsgroups with the fastest speeds and service…. More About EasyNews

EasyNews Review

4. TweakNews Review

Tweaknews is a Usenet provider which offers Usenet access in both block and flat rate payment options. It's affordable and a wise choice for the tech-savvy. There are Usenet providers all over the world. TweakNews – the company is based in the Netherlands, and it's an affordable Usenet service that put quality as their prime goal….. More About Tweaknews

5. FastUsenet Review

Fast Usenet offers excellent retention rates, a free trial, a mobile friendly newsreader and a web newsreader as part of their core package. Fast Usenet also comes with a free copy of GrabIt newsreader, offering built in global search which normally costs $2.50 a month. Included with your membership…. More About FastUsenet

FastUsenet Review

6. GigaNews Review

Here we have another Usenet Service Provider with many features and qualities that push them to one of the Best Usenet Service Providers 2018. With Giganews, not only do you get one of the world's best Usenet servers but also a free personal Vypr VPN. This is why GigaNews earned a place on our Best Usenet Service Providers 2018 list. … More About GigaNews

What Is Usenet?

Usenet is a worldwide distribution discussion system available on computers. Subscribers read and post messages called articles, collectively called News for one or more Newsgroups. These bulletin board systems are discussion threads used around the world. The Usenet concept was developed by the two students Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1979. One year later the idea was established in the form of Usenet.

Usenet was developed way before the internet. In early days, Usenet was used by the Faculty and students of different universities for communication and updates.

What is Usenet 2018 and Why do I need it?

Today Usenet is still very popular. Usenet is very fast and has many categories to choose from. You are sure to find whatever it is you are searching for. Access to Usenet is very affordable, and you can choose any of the Best Usenet Provider for $10 to $20 per month. Usenet Services provide Usenet Access and other features to give you the best Usenet experience.If you hate Annoying Ads. You are in luck Usenet is completely free of Ads. You will experience the pure Usenet Experience.

Choosing the Right Usenet Service Provider for YOU

It can be very confusing and time consuming comparing Usenet Service Providers. can help you choose the Usenet Provider that’s just right for you. We have done your homework on Usenet Service Providers so you don’t have to. Here are somethings you need to consider when choosing your Usenet Provider.
Price – Don’t assume price equals quality. Choose a provider that meets your need and budget
Retention & Newsfeed Completion – 3,753 day of retention that equates to 9 years of content. Sometimes it is wise to purchase a Usenet Provider in both regions to make sure. Not all providers have the News Server locations or peers may not be sufficient.
  • Free Trials
  • Connections
  • Newsgroups
  • Usenet & Online Privacy
  • News Server Location
  • Customer Service
Speed & Reliability – Speed & Reliability is a key factor in rating a Usenet Provider. It is well worth your time to sign-up for a Free Trial. When you first signup, connect to the nearest server to you. Newshstoing has made chosing your Usenet Providers service easy with Newshosting Plan Customizer. Use a minimum number of connections, too many will only slow you down if they are unnecessary. The connections can be different at different times of day and week. Be sure to take that into consideration during your testing.


Usenet Search Engine – This can make your life so much easier and make Usenet the best possible experience. There is a web-based Usenet interface which means all you need is your favorite web browser which Easynews offers. Many Best Usenet Service Providers 2018 offer you their own version of Usenet Search Index with their NewsReader like Newshosting and Eweka. or you can utilize a third-party client,


Newsreader or Usenet Client– Best Usenet Service Providers 2018 have their own but others you will need a third party like Best Newsreader 2018. Some Newsreaders offer free built in Usenet Search Features others have an up-charge. Make sure the Newsreader you chose allows NZB capabilities. These are just a fews things to consider when looking for the Newsreader that is the best fit for you.


NZB Compatible Don’t be intimidated Using NZB files, it is a lot easier than you think so don’t be intimidated Just setup up your USENET newsreader to automatically import and process NZB files and that's all there is to it. The whole process of downloading from Newsgroups is made a lot easier by using NZB files.
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