Best Newsreader 2022


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1. Easynews Review 

Easynews is our #1 rated newsreader. It has the best Usenet search results and the newsreader interface is simple to use — just enter a search, select the file type you’re looking for (audio, video, image, etc) and hit enter. All results are returned on the same page with infinite scroll (vs having to scroll through pages) and file previews included, allowing you to quickly find Usenet posts.
High quality retention is also included, saving you time and money from going out and finding, paying for and configuring 1) a Usenet service, 2) a newsreader and 3) an indexing service. All 3 of these are included with an Easynews account.… More About Easynews

Newshosting Newsreader Review

2. Newshosting Newsreader Review 

Newshosting includes a premium Usenet client for free with their Usenet packages. The newsreader supports NZB drag-and-drop plus manual NZB import functionality with auto-downloading, repairing and extracting of files. If you prefer to run your own Usenet searches without having to use NZBs, the newsreader also has an integrated search engine.Some other key features include file previews (helpful for checking the quality of a file), search and download scheduling, and search customization like language and file type. The Usenet access that’s included is also some of the best in terms of speed and retention. In fact, they have the most retention anywhere alongside UsenetServer, meaning you’ll get access to the largest Usenet database possible.… More About Newshosting

Newshosting Newsreader Review

3. NewsLeecher Review

NewsLeecher Newsreader is one of the Best Newsreaders 2022. In the past, it was known to be rather expensive, but powerful with a lot of interesting features that no other news client supported. They have also added several features to enhance your Usenet experience. Usenet Search Service called SuperSearch is fully integrated and makes it very fast and easy to find Newsgroups and the Usenet Articles you are looking for. Search using specific keywords or keystring. Their retention is now almost 11 ½ years for most groups, so you are bound to find what you need. Download automatically in minutes with Superleech. Create and export NZB files directly from articles in the newsgroups view or from SuperSearch results. It has never been easier to download NZB. After all. Newsleecher was the pioneer for the first Usenet Client in the world to support NZBs..… More About NewsLeecher



4. UsenetWire Review

UsenetWire is a free newsreader included with any Tweaknews Usenet plan (including their unlimited GB free trial). It’s a reliable and fast newsreader with a built-in search engine that covers 110,000 newsgroups and 3400 days of Usenet posts. You get unlimited, anonymous access with an account and can install the newsreader on as many Windows, Mac and Linux machines as you’d like. Other features include file previews, integrated sorting by file type and language, a download scheduler, and automatic file repair. For those who use an NZB indexer, UsenetWire includes full nzb support where you can drag and drop nzbs into the newsreader or manually import them for download. .… Learn More UsenetWire

SABnzbd Review

5. Newsbin Newsreader Review

Newsbin Newsreader is one of the most well-known and heavily-used binary downloaders They have really taken the Usenet User experience to the next level. Newsbin Pro offers an embedded image database and viewer. Usenet images can be displayed in a thumbnail view. You can also get service tiers from $2.50 to $5.00.  2,200 Days of retention are available through their Usenet Search. The local Search function which searches previously downloaded headers is also available. Newsbin Newsreader you can apply a size filter fro your searches. Newsbin AutoPAR function automatically processes RAR files including correcting/replacing missing or damaged files. Special NZB processing modes and automatic downloads are available. Newsbin Newsreader is advanced, flexible and continues to make Usenet User experience easier..…More About NewsBin

Newsbin Review

6. Grabit Review

Grabit Newsreader is a tremendous choice and the fact that its free makes it a crowd pleaser. Most people think “free, whats the twist?”. Grabit Newsreader makes its profit from their Usenet search services as well as Usenet access plans. Read Review and explore the following features and improvements. Grabit Usenet Search has just been updated. It now has improved search for partial words. Also returns better results for complex searches and exact matches with special characters. You can download up to eight articles at the same time! Grabit Newsreader will decode in the background. Grabit remembers where you stopped or pause your download and will resume from the same exact article. With the advanced filter and find options in Grabit you won’t have to . Match thousands of binaries and newsgroups with multiple keywords it’s done in seconds. Fully integrated for your sought after NZB format. You no longer have to check, repair and extract your downloads by hand. All of these tasks will be handled by Grabit automatically. Fill up your batch and leave your PC running. When you come back all of your downloads will be ready to be used.… More About Grabit

Grabit Review

7. SABnzbd Newsreader Review

SABnzbd Newsreader one of the best-known NZB downloaders out there. They made our Best Newsreader 2022 list.  It’s completely free and is packed full of features that allow you to make the most of your USENET access. There’s a bit of a learning curve involved, but it’s well worth it. The price? SABnzb interface is web-based which means there is very little configuration. You can easily check and add files from other PX’s around the world or on other devices such as the iPhone. Completely free SABnzbd takes the hassle out of downloading an NZB file. All you have to do is download an NZB file and SABnzbd creates a usable download NZB file. Their goal is to be as automated as possible. SABnzbd has a relatively low impact on you computer. SABnzbd comes in 15 languages. All you need to get started is 1) Usenet/Newsgroup Provider we recommend UsenetServer 2) NZB website we recoomend NZBplanet 3) Third Party Tools .… More About SABnzbd

SABnzbd Review

8. NZBGet Newsreader Review

NZBGet is right up there with SABnzbd in terms of popularity. This USENET downloader is a solid piece of software with plenty of features, good security and cross-platform capability. One of its real standout advantages is that it works very well with low or even under-powered devices, giving it an edge if you have an older computer or use Raspberry PI to handle your downloads.The program is cross-platform, so there shouldn’t be any issues for those who use something other than a Windows box. NZBGet is written in C++. It has a web interface, will check and repair par files for you and supports client/server mode..… More About NZBGet Newsreader Review

SABnzbd Review

9. Forte Agent Newsreader Review

If you know Usenet you will have heard about Forte Agent Newsreader. The veteran company has been around since 1995. Mark Sidell developed it as a way to take advantage of Windows’ GUI features. It was quite innovative at the time, being one of the earliest newsreaders to support yEnc encoding. Over time, Forte Agent has continued to improve through various updates. The latest version, Forte Agent 8, comes with many great features. Forte also offers Agent Usenet, its own Usenet service…… More About Forte Agent Newsreader

Forte Agent Review

10. PureNzb Review

PureNZB is the official newsreader of two major Usenet services providers: UnlimiNews and Z51. Both companies offer the PureNZB newsreader to their users for free and they can use it to access the internet. PureNZB also comes with tons of great features and we will explain them in this review. In this comprehensive review, we will also tell you everything you need to know about PureNZB. …… More About PureNZB Review

Purenzb Review