Newshosting Newsreader Review 2023

Newshosting Newsreader

Newsreader offers individuals a premium newsreader for free. Use the Newshosting Newsreader customer to search Usenet, download, repair and extract content. Even better you can agree to sign up for one of their current specials and enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

In recent years, Newshosting has made enormous infrastructural and front-end moves up to their administration, propelling it back to the best level of premium newsgroup suppliers.

Newshosting Newsreader approaches a portion of the best-in-class security and access speeds to 107,000+ newsgroups. If you are searching for speed, security, completion, and retention, at that point Newshosting ought to be on your short list.

The Newshosting Newsreader looks goods and functions admirably. Newshosting  Newsreader keeps running on different platform, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The newsreader is free on the off chance that you have a subscription to Newshosting. You can download it from their site or from a link in the welcome email you’ll get when you agree to sign up for the service.


  • Built In Search – Search Newshosting backend servers efficiently
  • Unlimited File Previews – Built In Image Viewer
  • Filtering – You can filter by Language, Category Type – i.e. Sound, Video, Images, ISO
  • Unrar and Unpar – Nice presentation of downloaded files
  • Easily Import NZBs – NZB simplified import support
  • Download scheduler
  • SSL Available – Nice for avoiding traffic shaping restrictions.
  • All Platforms supported– Windows, Mac, and Linux versions
  • File repair include consequently settles broken downloads
  • Ability to utilize substitute ports
  • Configurable connection speed limit


Binary Retention

Current retention crosswise binary newsgroups are days, and they continue onward and going. Likewise more than 4 years of text retention is supported. Visit the Newshosting site page for current figures and special offers. Newshosting Newsreader

Newshosting Newsreader

Searching newsgroups

The Newshosting Newsreader has a built in Usenet search engine. Sort of like Google for newsgroups. Simply enter a subject of interest. The newsreader will search crosswise over days of binaries and restore the best matches. Results can be filtered by type of file– video, sound, document, ISO images, software, and images.

Newshosting Free Trial

Newshosting offers a 14 day/30 GB free trial with all plans, including both of the discounted amazing accounts. If you choose that Newshosting is wrong for you, cancel any time before 14 days or 30 gigs of transfer and you won’t be charged for the plan. It’s direct to cross out and for 30 gigs of free transfer, it’s definitely worth an attempt. Newshosting Newsreader

Newshosting Coupons

By signing up with, you are exploiting our unique pricing offers. has worked with Newshosting to give members access to their new exclusive Unlimited special: $9.99/month (Retail: $14.95) or $99.99/year (Retail: $155.40)

Repair and extract

You no longer require Usenet tools like WinRAR, QuickPar, and 7-Zip with the Newshosting customer. As the newsreader will automatically restore files when necessary using available PAR files. Once the file is completed the customer will decompress (unRAR) the resulting files. All without any exertion on your part.

Newshosting Speed

Newshosting is connected with different Internet backbones and has great NNTP connection speeds. You can do a traceroute on their site to get an idea of how quick the Newshosting NNTP servers are here


Preview videos before downloading. An impressive feature that enables you to save time and data transfer capacity. From that point, you can easily queue downloads and let the Newshosting customer do the rest. If you need transfer speed for other purposes, you can limit the connection speed. We personally prefer the fastest downloads possible, and Newshosting effectively maxes our 25 Mbps connection. Even with SSL enabled.

Newshosting Newsreader installation/setup

The Newshosting customer is anything but complicated to setup. Your welcome email will incorporate a link to the free download. You can likewise log into the Newshosting website and download the customer from the control panel. With Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Once downloaded you basically install the customer. Everything is pre-configured, so all you require is your username and password the first time the customer launches the Newshosting Newsreader

Advanced features

While the Newshosting customer comes pre-configured, you can flip the switches on various features. Beginning with SSL encrypted downloads and alternate ports. Set the number of connections utilized or limit connection speed. Alongside Usenet search providers including Binserarch, Nzbindex, and Nfonews.


  1. Free to all Newshosting members
  2. Usenet search function- Binsearch and Newshosting Search (for looking through the back end servers of Newshosting)
  3. Easy to utilize – Installation is lightweight and simple – Everything is pre-configured- Zero config
  4. Automatic hunt highlight – Never miss your most loved posts again with Newshosting’s new Auto Search features
  5. Automatic thumbnails accessible for items, Preview videos before downloading (VLC Player required)
  6. Auto un-Rar, auto Par
  7. Text and Binary newsgroup support
  8. Pre-Indexed groups, no more header download


The Newshosting Usenet Browser features both full newsgroup access and integrated search, which means you can utilize the newsreader anyway you prefer. The newsreader was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. With automatic repair, automatic updates, automated search and download, and automated decompression, Newshosting Newsreader does the greater part of the hard work for you. The Newshosting Usenet Browser is incorporated with all Newshosting plans. Since you require a Usenet provider to utilize a newsreader, at any rate, signing up for a Newshosting plan and utilizing the free Newshosting newsreader represent great value.

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