Newshosting Review


Newshosting Review


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3,799 Days

We found Newshosting to be a real powerhouse in our tests. Their Retention is now 3,799 days and GROWING. It also has one of the most advanced server network designs in the Usenet Industry. They have a fully redundant global network that connects multi-gigabit server farms from all around the US and Europe, allowing them to offer very fast and very stable speeds without fail.

Newshosting also offers an nicely designed newsreader that includes all the tools you need to connect to, search, and access articles from Usenet. From integrated search, to file previews (which allows you to preview articles before you decide to download them) to the auto search and download feature, their free newsreader really has everything you need.





Newshosting Pricing

Newshosting offers three different Usenet packages . The Lite package is a monthly subscription only is the most limited in features. It offers 50GB with rollover (meaning unused gigs continue to roll over and be available in future months) and 30 connections, but is still an attractive package for the basic user having everything they might require.

The second package is called the Unlimited plan. This comes at a slightly higher price with the option of annual subscription. You can access the Newshosting VPN at an extra fee starting from $4.99.

XL Powerpack is the final package, which offers the best value for money. It also allows annual subscriptions and comes with free Newshosting VPN and Easynews account.





Unlimited Downloads Unlimited Downloads
Uncapped Speed Uncapped Speed
30 Connections 30 Connections
3799 Days Retention 3799 Days Retention
Free Newsreader with Search Free Newsreader with Search
Add Zero-Log VPN Service +$4.99 Zero-Log VPN Service Included
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text link: 14 day/10 GB free trial

Free Trial

Newshosting offers Usenet Free Trial to all new customers. The trial period is 14 days or 30 GB whichever comes first for all the plans.



Retention and completion

Newshosting has 3,799 days retention and 1,400 days of text. It also has 99+ completion.

Connections and Speed

Newshosting allows simultaneous connections of up to 30 for the Lite and Unlimited plans. XL Powerplan allows up to 60 simultaneous connections. The speed offered and amount of data transferred is unlimited. You can maximize on all the bandwidth that is at your disposal.


A Usenet client with a built-in search engine is offered at no cost  to you. The newsreader is available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It includes several useful features such as auto-unpack, Auto-repair, Automatic updates and file preview. All you need to do is enter your username and password and your ready to enjoy your Newshosting account. It is that easy!



Not sure what account you need. They offer a plan customizer to help make this decision clearer. They don't want you to purchase something that isn't a good fit for you. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire to help them clarify your needs. Be assured they will come up a Newshosting and or Easynews account that is just right for you.

If you signup for their XL Powerpack you receive their web-browser service Easynews at no extra cost. This will allow you to access content directly from your web browser no newsreader needed. The global search browser allows you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

They have just added their ownVPN which keeps you safe at WIFI spots, stops ISP throttling, and provides a virtual firewall. They provide a custom easy to use VPN software. You can purchase their VPN service separately or as an addon to their Lite and Unlimited Plan. The best buy is the XL Powerpack because their VPN is included.

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