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Eweka is our top choice for independent EU Usenet service access. Since 2001, this Dutch Usenet provider has offered retention and completion rates that rank among the very best in the premium provider market. What truly sets Eweka apart is their commitment to storing the full Usenet feed to provide the same high levels of retention across every Usenet post in all binary and text newsgroups.

With Eweka, you get access to an extensive Usenet archive spanning almost 15 years, ensuring a comprehensive Usenet experience. Remarkably accurate search results and impressive download completion rates further cement Eweka’s reputation as a top-tier provider.

Another noteworthy aspect is that Eweka operates its own network with multiple server locations throughout Europe. This infrastructure enables them to deliver reliably fast speeds and exceptional Usenet completion rates to users within and beyond Europe. Coupled with the features we highlight below, Eweka has earned our coveted top pick among the Best European Dutch Usenet Providers of 2023.


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  • 300 Mbps Speeds
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free SSL
  • Best Retention
  • Unlimited GB Trial
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Eweka offers 3 plans. All plans include:

  • Access to all Usenet posts in their entire retention period, which is the highest of any EU-based service.
  • Unlimited downloads with no data caps
  • Unlimited speeds with no throttling
  • A free newsreader with Usenet search
  • 50 connections
  • SSL encryption for secure access

There is also a special plan, available through Usenet.com, that gets you 52% off for 15 months of access. This plan includes a free unlimited VPN service, and also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here is an overview of Eweka’s plans:

Eweka Features

Independent Backbone

Eweka owns and operates its own independent Usenet backbone, which includes multiple servers located in Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt. What sets them apart even further is the fact that none of their servers are leased from third-party providers. This means that subscribers enjoy direct access to a tier-1, independent service provider, ensuring a superior and uninterrupted Usenet experience. By maintaining complete control over their infrastructure, Eweka can guarantee the highest quality of service without relying on middle-man vendors to deliver Usenet feeds to their customers.

When testing this service over the years, we have found them to provide the best, reliable speeds and lowest ping times.

Text and Binary Retention

Eweka offers the best retention of any European Usenet provider. At the time of this review publication, they currently offer 5,428+ days of retention across all text and binary newsgroups. Eweka also continues to grow retention across all of its server clusters, and at no added cost to their customers

Completion and Speed

The Eweka newsfeed has over a 99.5% completion rate, which grades out very well. This high completion rate ensures that users can reliably find, access and download the posts they want from Usenet.

Unlimited Access

One of the standout features of Eweka is that all of their plans offer unlimited high-speed transfers without any data caps. Unlike certain providers that impose “soft caps” resulting in speed downgrades or even service suspension after reaching a specific data threshold, Eweka provides full and unrestricted access throughout the entire duration of your account. This means that subscribers can enjoy the freedom to download and transfer data without any limitations or fear of reduced speeds or interruptions. Eweka’s commitment to offering unlimited access without caps ensures that users can fully maximize their Usenet experience without any restrictions.

Free Newsreader with Search

Every Eweka plan includes a complimentary newsreader known as NewsLazer. Upon signing up for any Eweka plan, you will gain access to your account admin panel, where you can download the NewsLazer newsreader. This newsreader is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Once installed, simply enter your username and password and you’ll be instantly connected to Eweka’s servers.

This newsreader comes with a lot of premium features and the fact that it’s free makes it a great value add to your Eweka account. It will give you unlimited access to Eweka’s servers plus unlimited searches, unlimited file previews, and unlimited downloads, complete with SSL-encryption. It’s also very simple to use, supports NZB files, and is fast.

Newsgroup Accessibility

Eweka offers access to an extensive selection of high-quality newsgroups across all of its plans. With Eweka, users can connect to a vast network of over 109,000 binary and text groups from any of its dedicated newsgroup servers. This expansive range of newsgroups ensures that you get access to the complete array of newsgroups and topics that Usenet has to offer.

Free SSL Connections

Eweka prioritizes the security and privacy of its users by providing SSL-secured Usenet access across all of its plans. This advanced encryption ensures that all data transferred between your device and Eweka’s servers is protected to ensure a secure Usenet experience.

Customer Support

Eweka tech support is available 24/7 if you have any questions.  They also have Dutch, English, German, and French customer support agents on staff.

Risk Free, Unlimited GB Trial

Eweka understands that new members need some time to test the service.  In response they offer a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  If you’re not happy with the service, just contact their customer support team within 30 days of signing up for a refund, no questions asked.



If you want a very high-speed European Usenet service with exceptional retention, completion, and a host of features, then Eweka is our top recommended choice. They operate a fast and reliable independent Usenet server network offering the best retention and article completion. You’ll also get a free newsreader with integrated search and file previews. Try their service with a money back guarantee with unlimited GB, unlimited speeds, and the free newsreader with Usenet search included.



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