Oznzb Review

This Newsnab site has been in existence since January of 2013. In the short couple of months that they have been online they are offering more than 2.5 million NZBs across over more than 140 newsgroups. Oznzb is one of the quickest growing indexing sites. we have had the joy of utilizing.

Sites like Oznzb are not quite the same as search engines like Binsearch. They depend on individuals to drive the quality of the site and this way assemble a community around the site. It’s too early to tell however we wish the Oznzb team good luck in building an active group.

You can utilize the site for free with a few confinements. The main limitation is that you can just download 5 NZBs a day. With a premium (VIP) you can download up to 100 NZBs a day alongside 1,000 API calls and five invites. Step up to a legend (lifetime) membership and get up to 2,000 NZBs a day alongside 10,000 API calls.

Easynews is our top choice among the Best NZB Index Sites 2023. It is a complete all-in-one solution that includes unlimited high-speed Usenet access plus a Usenet search interface with the most accurate Usenet search results. The interface is easy to use — just log into your Easynews account, enter your query into the search bar, and hit enter.

Other features:

    • Highest retention rates / largest Usenet archive
    • Retention grows daily (no Usenet posts are expired)
    • Fast and accurate results
    • Easy to use, fully customizable search interface
    • No NZBs, indexers, or newsreaders needed
    • Can be accessed from any device (mobile and desktop)

This will also save you the hassle and added cost of subscribing to
various NZB indexers since you get unlimited access + unlimited Usenet search with your Easynews account

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Not to be mistaken for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you should download from Usenet. We recommend UsenetServer for your Usenet Provider of choice. Oznzb will enable you to discover what you’re searching for across a large number of newsgroup posts without the requirement for downloading headers.


How to utilize Oznzb

Look for your subject of interest. When you discover what you’re looking for click on the title of the post for more details. At that point, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB file with your most loved Usenet Provider (UsenetServer) ,

 Oznzb Highlights

Because of the well-known Newsnab platform, Oznzb is amazing and has loads of filter for narrowing your search, and several categories for simple browsing. The highlights include:

  • NewzNab Based Customized NZB site
  • Free Users: 5 downloads a day
  • Complete API support for Couch Potato, SickBeard, Headphones, and so forth for paid clients.
  • RSS feeds, and an API is accessible to paid clients
  • Over 140 USENET group indexed.
  • Content updated every 10 minutes.
  • Tightly integrated component rich PHPbb forum.
  • Integrated IRC chat channel on the menus.
  • Search result enables you to see video and sound releases before downloading.
  • Custom made release rating framework.
  • Fast, clean and simple to utilize user Interface.
  • Dedicated hardware, with 8 CPUs, 32GB of ram and 800GB of storage


Oznzb Memberships

Membership is free, yet there are 5 downloads and 5 API request for on free accounts. Here are other accounts details:

  • VIP Account – For $16, (or more,) you enjoy 1 year of VIP status. 100/1000 downloads/API calls per day.
  • VIP+ Account – For $30, or more you enjoy VIP+ status for 2 years. There’s a 250/2500 download/API limit per day.
  • Legend – $55, or more, and get a lifetime Legend status. This gives you 2000/10000 limit per day on downloads/API calls.

API integration

API integration is one thing that makes Oznzb best for customers. The API incorporation empowers users to access and index NZB data by integrating API services into their applications. The indexer is perfect with a pack of other NZB applications, making it excell among another indexer.




Retention rates

The present binary rate for Oznzb is for 2,000 days. They boast a fulfillment rate of 99 percent or better. As to performance, retention is important. You would get enough days of paired support with Oznzb, which alludes to the amount of time data that is kept. It doesn’t possess any impact if you’re downloading documents that are two or three days old or ones which have been around for quite a while– the platforms doesn’t minimize your broadband connection.

Simple to use

To start, you require an NZB application and need to open an account with Usenet newsgroup. Again we suggest UsenetServer, they have everything you need. Basically, search what you are looking for on the dashboard utilizing a watchword or key phrase on the Usenet Search. The search will load many files, from which you can get the NZB document by clicking the NZB symbol. At that point, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB document in your most cherished Usenet client to download the content.


NZB content can either be video, audio, magazine, eBook, TV cuts and significantly more. You can store your NZB into your PC. Then after saving the document, you are through with Oznzb. You would then be able to import your NZB into the client software.


Oznzb Provides SSL-secured downloads, which is quick and dependable and it works with all notable NZB applications like Sonarr, Radarr, NZBGet, CouchPotato, SickBeard, and so forth

Similar to the situation with most Usenet providers, SSL encryption more often runs with all accounts. Additionally, at whatever point you download and exchange data, your identity is kept completely obscure. That suggests you aren’t host to trouble over third-social affairs getting to your download history.

Search statistics

  • Content is separated into categories
  • Over 250,000 NZBs indexed and developed


  • Easily look through their NZB index
  • Keyword search inside categories

Search results 

  • Name of post
  • Category
  • Post date
  • File size
  • Number of files
  • Member comment




OzNZB offers a competitive membership program that packs a punch where features are concerned. They have a friendly community, Latest NZB files and a great level of participation as many users review. Despite the extreme limits on the free account, we trust that you will think that it’s enough to decide whether Oznzb has what you need. With all the cool features, and new ones coming consistently, we are foreseeing that Oznzb will soon fill the shoes of one of the greatest NZB indexers on the web. To make your Usenet Experience complete you need to signup for UsenetServer . They were chosen our Best Usenet Provider.