NZBgeek Review

NZBgeek is a real positive based community that is built to help each other. The Forums are available to VIG members only, despite the fact that anybody is welcome to join them in the live chat available on the main page.

NZBgeek is a community-based NZB forum that was launched in late 2012 and has a lot of excellent features. The site is free to utilize, but you’ll have to register first.
Sites like NZBgeek are different from automatic engines like Binsearch. They depend on members to drive the quality of the site and this way assemble a community around the site. From what I’ve seen so far NZBgeek is working hard to build a community.

You can utilize NZBgeek for free with a few limitations. The main limitation is that you can only download 2 NZBs every day. With a premium (VIG) membership you increase unlimited access to the site alongside API key and guest invites. You will also need a Usenet Service Provider. UsenetServer is the perfect fit for your NZBGeek Account.

Easynews is our top choice among the Best NZB Index Sites 2023. It is a complete all-in-one solution that includes unlimited high-speed Usenet access plus a Usenet search interface with the most accurate Usenet search results. The interface is easy to use — just log into your Easynews account, enter your query into the search bar, and hit enter.

Other features:

    • Highest retention rates / largest Usenet archive
    • Retention grows daily (no Usenet posts are expired)
    • Fast and accurate results
    • Easy to use, fully customizable search interface
    • No NZBs, indexers, or newsreaders needed
    • Can be accessed from any device (mobile and desktop)

This will also save you the hassle and added cost of subscribing to
various NZB indexers since you get unlimited access + unlimited Usenet search with your Easynews account

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NZBgeek should not to be mistaken for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you should download from Usenet. NZBgeek will enable you to find what you’re searching over a great many newsgroup posts without the need for downloading headers. We recommend UsenetServer for your Newsgroups Usenet Provider.



NZBGeek Highlight

NZBGeek is a Newsnab based site that incorporates a MyBB forum. Furthermore, while the site is Usenet oriented, the administrator affirms that they need to make a community of similar geeks, which happens to index NZBs. Here are some of the highlights:

• 500,000+ NZBs indexed.
• 50,000 members with 10,000+ VIGs.
• Plans to backfill to January 2011. (They are over half complete with this objective.)
• Updates every 10 minutes.
• Completely free.
• Monthly drawings for their Very Important Geeks, (VIGs.)
• Super-cool talk and forums.
• You can browse by category.
• Private Usenet seek site.
• Free to use for members.
• Premium record option.

NZBgeek features

NZBGeek Memberships

Membership begins free, (still a good plan, but only 2 NZBs p/day) and afterward begin charging $1 p/month for the full VIG access. VIG access will give you use of the API for your most loved downloader, unlimited downloads, the month to month drawings and a ton more. They are always accepting new members at the free level, yet actively urge new members to upgrade to the VIG status.

Membership Plans
Donating to the site makes you a Very Important Geek (VIG). For the cost of becoming a VIG, you get a considerable amount.
Custom searches
• Language flags
• Unlimited NZB and NZBGeek API
• Spam filtering
• Dashboard
• Giveaways
• Gaming
• Content request
• Much more

Membership costs are low:
• Six months for $6
• One year for $12
• Two years for $18
You can pay through PayPal or with Bitcoin.
While you can join and turn out to be a greater part of the community, registration at this site is open. The developers aren’t interested in becoming an invitation site and, as a pleasant additional bonus, NZBGeek doesn’t convey any ads.

Technical Details

The index on this site is refreshed every 10 minutes, providing quick access to NZBs as they become available. The developers are always developing the site, and this is apparent with their state of the art indexing features and the community features.The site’s indexer is referred to as GeekSeek.
The developers are more worried about the community than they are with being the biggest NZB indexing site out there. If you need to network with individuals, this may be a perfect NZB site to consider.
At the point when last checked, the site was running on a 4-CPU server with 2GB of memory. It gives a 100MB pipe. The hardware is located outside of the US.

Search statistics
• Content is separated into categories
• Over 500,000 NZBs indexed and developing

Easy to utilize

To begin, you require an NZB application and need to open an Account with UsenetServer. Basically search what you are looking for on the dashboard using a watchword or key phrase on the Usenet Search. The search will load many files, from which you can get the NZB file by tapping the NZB icon. By at that point, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB file in your most adored Usenet customer to download the content.
NZB content can either be video, sound, magazine, eBook, TV cuts and essentially more. You can store your NZB into your PC. In the wake of saving the document, you are through with NZBGeek. You would then have the ability to import your NZB into the customer software.

Search lists
• Name of post
• Category
• Post date
• File size
• Number of files
• Member comments

How to utilize NZBgeek

Look for your subject of interest. When you find what you’re looking for click on the name of the post for more details. At that point, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB document in your most loved Usenet customer to download the contents.

Promotion free and permitting open registration, NZBGeek is alluring right from the start. This NZB indexer truly focuses on encouraging a feeling of community among members. It refreshes its indexes every 10 minutes and has various filtering options.
The membership options are cheap and offer a great deal in the way of expanded access to site features. This site is one the greatest NZB indexer out there—it has some exceptionally nice features incorporated with it and the members behind it appear to be truly keen in always enhancing what they have. The site offers some incentive for cash in both the forums and the indexer.Checkout our Best Usenet Providers.