ABNZB Review


ABnzb Review: Everything you need to know

ABnzb is an NZB indexer website that started its operation in 2017 and the company’s Web servers operate from France. The company is fairly popular in the Usenet community and the main reason behind its popularity is that it offers an impressive number of Free API calls and NZB downloads. ABnzb is one of the best Usenet related software you can get. Moreover, you will also need the best Usenet service provider and our choice is the UsenetServer because it checks all the boxes of a great Usenet provider. In this comprehensive review, we will tell you everything you need to know about ABnzb. Usenet.com reviews the NZB sites to ensure that you find the right fit for you. You can find comprehensive reviews of all major NZB sites on our website. Now, let’s get to this review.


Highlighted Features

The company offers the number of unique features and here are some of the highlighted features of ABnzb.

  • It offers 500 days of the retention period
  • ABnzb is a generous indexer and it runs every 15 minutes.
  • The platform comes with no ads.
  • The forum is available for all users, with no restriction.
  • Work well with SABnzbd, Sonarr, Couchpotato, and others.
  • All connections are SSL encrypted
  • Free account holders get the 100 API Calls and 20 NZB Grabs.
  • VIP Account brings the 2000 API Calls and 1000 NZB Grabs

Free Account Features

ABnzb offers a very generous free package to its users and you can get it without paying a single penny. All you have to do is to provide your email, select your password and username to access the forum. After the registration, you will get access to the forum. The free package is best for someone who is a beginner but if you are a power user then you should get the premium accounts. The free account comes with the following features.

  • 25 NZB Grabs
  • 50 API Calls
  • Unrestricted Access to the forum
  • No Ads
  • SSL Connection
  • Integration with Sonarr, SABnzbd, and Couchpotato

Membership Levels

ABnzb is a free platform but it does have the donation feature which you can use to get some perks. The platform comes with the three membership levels.

  • Free – You don’t need to pay anything, just sign up and enjoy.
  • Supporter – You will donate $12 to the platform and in return, you will get some great perks.
  • VIP – Donate $25 and you will get the 1000 NZB Grabs and 2000 API Calls.


Free Package

Free Package is the one which you can get for free and all you need is a valid email for registration. You can read the details of the Free Package in the above section.

Supporter Package

Supporter package is the standard package by ABnzb which brings great features. You will get the 500 NZB Grabs and 1000 API Calls. The best thing about this package is that it also offers the 5 invites which you can use to invite your buddies to this platform. As you may know that ABnzb only opens its registration once in a while so getting the supporter package will allow you to invite your friends whenever you want. The supporter package is available for just $12 per year. In this package, you get the following perks.

  • 500 NZB Grabs
  • 1000 API Calls
  • 5 Invites
  • Unrestricted Access to the forum
  • No Ads
  • SSL Connection
  • Integration with Sonarr, SABnzbd, and Couchpotato

VIP Package

VIP Package offers the best specs and it is best for the veteran Usenet users. In this package, you get the 1000 NZB Grabs and 2000 API calls. This package also comes with 10 Invites which you can use to invite your friends to this forum. You can get this package for just $25 per year. It comes with the following perks.

  • 1000 NZB Grabs
  • 2000 API Calls
  • Unrestricted Access to the forum
  • No Ads
  • SSL Connection
  • Integration with Sonarr, SABnzbd, and Couchpotato

The company also offers multiple ways to donate.

  • You can pay using the Bitcoin.
  • You can pay using the Credit Card from Visa, American Express or MasterCard.
  • You can also buy the Amazon UK Gift Card.

API Integrations

ABnzb offers the integration with the SABnzbd, Sonarr, Couchpotato and other major Usenet software. However, we found some complaints about the integration issues on Reddit.

Ease of Use

ABnzb is a very simple platform and it is also well-optimized. One can use this platform without any problem. The registration process is very easy. You will need to select your username, your password and email address for the registration. After registration, you will get access to the dashboard which is also very simple. It comes with a navigation bar where you will find the links to the various categories including PC, TV, Books, Audio, and Video etc. Under the Menu section, you will find the links to the Forum, Donate page where you can donate to get premium levels, My Cart, Profile and logout page.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the search bar which you can use to find the NZB you are looking for. You will also find your daily limits under the search bar which displays your remaining daily NZB Grabs and API Calls. We also loved the Dark look of the UI which gives it a clean look and also makes it easier to use in the night. Overall, the ABnzb platform is very clean and easy to use.

Search Statics

  • All the content on ABnzb is categorized into 7 Categories.
  • According to our estimate, 4.1 Million NZBs are indexed on the platform.

Search Options

On ABnzb you get the following search options.

  • You can search by using the title.
  • You can search NZBs by browsing categories.
  • You can also sort the results by Date Posted, Name, Category, Size, Files and Stats

Search Results

In the search results, you get the following information.

  • Name
  • Category with the further sub-category
  • Date Posted
  • Size
  • Stats

How to Use ABnzb?

The whole process is very simple and here’s how you can use it.

  • Login to ABnzb
  • Enter your query to search bar or browse the categories.
  • Find the NZB you are looking for and download.
  • Now for the next step, you will Newsreader and a good Usenet provider. Our top choice is the UsenetServer and you can read its comprehensive review on our website. You can also check the reviews of the best Newsreaders on our website.
  • Import the NZB File to your Newsreader, open it and download the content.


ABnzb offers the SSL connection for all of its communication. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology that provides an encrypted connection between the server and the client. It is a pretty secure connection so you can use it without worrying.


ABnzb forum is pretty simple, you get the overview of the posts and it provides information such as topic, posted by, Last update and number of replies. There is no option to search the forum so you will have to browse through the topics to find the post you are looking for or you can create your own post. Moreover, the platform also has a dark look which gives a clean look to the forum. One thing we found that was missing is that they can add the search option and hashtag option which will make it easier for users to find the posts they are looking for.

Customer Support

Just like the forum, customer support is also very basic. You can either contact the customer support by submitting the ticket on the platform or you can send an email at help@abnzb.com. They also have the official twitter handle which provides updates about the forum. Overall, they need to work on the forum and they can introduce the live-chat feature to improve customer support.


ABnzb is surely one of the best NZB sites and it offers a very generous free package. The Supporter and VIP package also offers fair package but they are best for more experienced Usenet users. The indexer runs every 15 minutes and the platform index more than 4.1 million NZB files which are also an impressive number. Overall, we think that ABnzb is a great platform and you should give it a try. If you don’t have the Usenet access then we would recommend you try the UsenetServer because it offers tons of great features at a very affordable price. You can read the UsenetServer review on our website where we have explained the ins and outs of this service. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more Best NZB site reviews. You will also need a Usenet Provider. Be sure to check our choices for Best Usenet Provider.