NewsLeecher is a Usenet platform newsreader typically for downloading binary files, although it can handle articles from Usenet. It can be used to download pictures, videos, music and software applications. NewsLeecher Usenet Newsreader uses its inline engine to decode and assemble all downloads. Its interface is swift and easy to move around, features and options are at your fingertips instantly. UsenetServer is a Usenet Newsgroups Provider that is compatible with Newsleecher Usenet Newsreader. UsenetServer has a 14 day free trial so you will be able to test it for yourself.

NewsLeecher started extending their client along with the release of v7.0 NewsLeecher Newsreader. The software has a tabbed interface, repair and extract features and more.

The software isn’t packed with any nuisances such as adware, so you can download it without worrying about installing any bug on your computer.

Comparing the look of NewsLeecher software is quite similar to Newzbin. However, it has a simpler interface than Newzbin. All of the buttons for the controls you need are available, and the interface isn’t nearly as crowded. Users who aren’t used to USENET will find it easy to figure out because of the simple interface. NewsLeecher makes a good option for downloading software for inexperienced users.

Features of NewsLeecher Newsreader

Fast, Pretty and Efficient Newsreader

NewsLeecher a state of the art user interface which supports the latest OS features and many options for modifying the usability and the interface. Also plugged-in is a dynamic theme engine that makes the NewsLeecher window “snow” in the winter and other optional funny stuff. Also, it is super-fast in its responsiveness.

SuperSearch Usenet Searching

The SuperSearch allows you to search every available Usenet groups at once for specific key strings or keywords. The SuperSearch is the great search engine with such speed and also can perform wildcard searches.

No Spyware or Adware

NewsLeecher does not contain any bug, spyware or adware that can risk your security or send personal details over the Internet as you use it. To put your mind at rest, it is a certified as spyware and adware free by renowned software sites.

Auto Download

Starting from the release of version 6.0 and on, NewsLeecher features a great feature called “SuperLeech.” SuperLeech is a feature that allows users to set up NewsLeecher news reader to download wanted files automatically. The file is automatically downloaded just minutes after it has been posted on Usenet.

Fully Supports NZB Files

NewsLeecher is the first Usenet Newsreader in the world to support NZB format. It can export and create NZB from SuperSearch results or articles in the group view. That’s not all; it can also import NZB docs automatically and manually in different ways, making download easy.

Closing Remark

The NewsLeecher Newsreader software is a highly awarded software for surfing the Usenet. It comes with a powerful feature and integrated Usenet search service, called SuperSearch which makes it incredibly easy and fast to find the Usenet articles are searching for.



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