UsenetBucket Review

UsenetBucket is one of the most trusted Usenet service providers out there. The company operates from Netherland and it has many servers around the world. The main selling point of UsenetBucket is its good packages and great Customer Support. The company also provide access to more than 85000 Newsgroups which is a plus. In this comprehensive review, we will tell you everything you need to know about UsenetBucket. Let’s get started.

UsenetBucket Features

UsenetBucket is one of best Usenet service provider and it comes with many great features. Here are some of what UsenetBucket has to offer

Privacy & Security

UsenetBucket operates from the Netherlands which has very good privacy laws. The company also doesn’t record keep track of any activity of the users. Moreover, UsenetBucket also uses state of the art security protocols to keep your data safe. It uses the “Two Fish encryption” which is very advanced encryption and they further add some additional technologies which result in 512-bit encryption which is almost impossible to compromise. Usenetbucet also doesn’t keep a record of the payments on its servers, instead, all payments are processed by the payment providers.

Pricing & Packages

UsenetBucket offers 3 different packages for their customers.

  • Basic Bucket is available for 2,95 euros and it is the monthly package. In this package, you get the 10 Mbit speed, 10 connections, Unlimited Traffic, SSL-Support and 1600 Days Retention Period.
  • The Ultimate Bucket is also a monthly package and it is available for 12,95 euros. In this package, you get the 400 Mbit speed, 25 concurrent connections, Unlimited Traffic, SSL-Support and 1600 Days Retention Period.
  • Comfort Package is available for 4,95 Euros and in this package, you get the 40 Mbit speed, 10 concurrent connections, Unlimited Traffic, SSL Support and 1600 Days Retention Period.

These packages are best for any type of users. If you are beginner then Basic or Comfort Package is best for you. If you are a pro user and want the best possible service then Ultimate Bucket is best for you.

Free Trial

UsenetBucket also offers a free trial to its users where you get to use the UsenetBucket services for 7 days without any charge. Here are the features you can use during the trial period.

⦁ 400 Mbit Speed
⦁ 25 concurrent connection
⦁ 20 GB Traffic
⦁ SSL-Support
⦁ 1600 Days Retention Period.

The Trial Period will be valid for one week and during this duration the company reserve the right to cancel the trial if you use the invalid name, disposable email addresses, using a proxy server to sign up or requesting multiple accounts.

Retention and Completion

UsenetBucket users enjoy the retention period of 1600 days which is definitely not the highest in the market but it is still competitive. The retention period for text files is also 1600 days. The company also offer the completion rate of 99% which is the same as other as Usenet service providers.

Newsgroups & Newsreader

UsenetBucket provides access to more than 8500 newsgroups. You are sure to find what you are looking for. UsenetBucker also doesn’t come with its own Newsreader like other major Usenet service providers. However, it is fully compatible with third-party Newsreaders such as NZBGet, Unison, and SABnzbd.

Connection and Speed

UsenetBucket offers the SSL-Support for all of its package holders which mean that you will get the secure and reliable connection to the Usenet. The connection speed varies from package to package, the Ultimate Bucket holders will enjoy the 400 Mbit connection speed which is good. However, Comfort and Basic package holders will get the 40 Mbit and 10 Mbit respectively.
The concurrent connections also vary for different packages. The Ultimate Bucket package subscribers enjoy the 25 concurrent connections. The Comfort and Basic package holders enjoy the 10 concurrent connections.

Control Panel

UsenetBucket also has a very comprehensive control panel which comes with tons of options just for you. It allows you to change your personal details, account settings, pick the bucket, contact customer supports, download invoices. It also shows the different promotions that are available. It also allows you to join the Customer Advisory panel where you can submit your suggestions on how to improve the UsenetBucket service and in return, you will get free extra days to use the service.

Payment Options

UsenetBucket offers tons of payment methods to its customers. Following are the payment method supported by UsenetBucket.
⦁ Visa
⦁ MasterCard
⦁ American Express
⦁ Paysafecard
⦁ IDeal
⦁ MyBank
⦁ GiroPay
⦁ Mister Cash
⦁ SEPA Transfer
⦁ CoinPayment (To Handle Cryptocurrency payments)

Customer Support

Customer Support is one of the many reasons why UsenetBucket is very popular. They have great Customer support and you will get the first response within the first 30 minutes which is very good. The company has 24/7 customer support which is complemented by a good FAQ section and a dedicated blog. You can contact the customer support at


UsenetBucket is undoubtedly one of the best Usenet service provider and it comes with many great features such as great privacy, good customer support, comprehensive control panel and tons of payment option. However, there are some things which can improve. For example, the retention period is 1600 days which is lower than the competition. Moreover, UsenetBucket user gets access to more than 85000 newsgroups while their Usenet service providers offer access up to 110,000 newsgroups. You can also try the UsenetBucket free trial which you can cancel anytime. We would also recommend you to check the reviews of other Usenet service providers and then pick the one which suits your needs. We would also recommend you to check the reviews of other Usenet service providers and then pick the one which suits your needs.