NZBReader Review: The Fastest NZB Downloader?

NZBReaderNZBs are part and parcel of the Usenet world, and they serve a very special purpose. NZBReader is a popular NZB Site that allows you to download NZB Files from the Usenet without any problem. It also offers secure data transfer to ensure that no entity is tracking your activity. In this comprehensive Usenet guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about NZBReader. Let’s get started.

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NZB’s & Retention

NZBReader is not an NZB Hosting site which means that it doesn’t store any of the NZB’s. It also means that the website doesn’t have any retention period for the NZB’s. NZBReader is only a tool that allows you to download the NZB’s from the Usenet.

Types of Membership

NZBReader is a premium NZB Tool, which means you will need a valid subscription to the service to download NZBs. The company offers 3 different packages which allow users to use the service for different durations.

1 Month Package

1 Month Package is the basic package by NZBReader, which offers unrestricted access to service for 1 month. In this package, users get unlimited download traffic and unlimited premium bandwidth. Also, the company uses SSL Encryption to ensure that no one could track your downloading sessions on the website. 

NZB Reader

The Package holders also get 24/7 customer support which means that if anything goes wrong, you will have the help of the staff to sort out things. 

When it comes to pricing, 1 Month Package is very affordable considering the features you get. The normal pricing of 1 Month Package is $14.95, but if you get it now, you can get it for $9.95. If you want a package for the short-term, 1 Month Package is the best option for you.

3 Months Package

3 Months Package is the most popular package by NZBReader, allowing users to use the NZBReader’s service for 90 days or 3 months. 

NZB’s & Retention

The subscription holders of 3 Months Package also get unlimited Traffic and premium bandwidth along with SSL Encryption for your privacy. Also, the package holders get premium customer support which will be able to package holders 24/7. 

3 Months Package is also a very affordable package, and it also offers great value for money. The normal pricing of the 3 Month Package is $39.95, but you can get it for $24.95 for a limited period. If you don’t want to commit for a long time but still want a package for a decent duration, then 3 Months Package is the best option for you.

1 Year Package

1 Year Package is the premium package by NZBReader, which offers unrestricted access for 1 year or 365 days to the users.

In this package, users enjoy all the common benefits like unlimited download traffic, unlimited premium bandwidth, SSL Encryption, 99.9% uptime servers, no logs, and many other perks. Also, premium package holders get access to 24/7 customer support which will be there to solve any service-related issue for you. 

NZB Reader

1 Year Package is the best package by the company which also offers the best value for money. The normal pricing of 1 Year package is $99.95, but you can get it for only $79.95 and get a $20 discount. So, If you are looking for a long-term subscription with the best value for money, the 1 Year Package is an ideal option for you.

Does NZBReader offer Free Trial?

NZBReader is a premium NZB downloader which means that it doesn’t offer Free Trial to its users. However, NZBReader is still a solid option for many because it makes the whole process of downloading NZBs very simple and easy.

NZBReaderAPI Integration

NZBReader is a web-based tool, and the platform doesn’t offer any API Integration. However, the platform works well with all major platforms like Android, IOS, PC, and others.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use is one of the major factors which you must consider when picking any product, and NZB Downloader is no exception. The best thing about NZBReader is that it’s very easy to use. It doesn’t come with an Intuitive User Interface which makes it easier to use the service and download your favorite NZBs.

NZB’s & Retention

The platform comes with the simple Drag and Drop Mechanism, making it super simple to download your favorite NZBs. You won’t have to download anything. Just copy the link to NZB, paste it on the downloader, and NZBReader will handle the rest for you.

How to use NZBReader?

NZBReader is a very simple platform, and you can easily use it to download NZBs. Here’s how you can use NZBReader to download NZBs.

    • Step 1: Find NZB you want to download.
    • Step 2: Open and either drag and drop NZB or open it through the File Manager.
    • Step 3: Once you drag and drop the NZB File, the system will take over the process.
    • Step 4: the system will download the file, and it will also show the download progress.
    • Step 5: That’s it.


NZBReader comes with some basic features, but these features make the whole process very simple and secure for the users.

Unlimited Download Traffic

Some NZB Downloaders come with limits that make it difficult for users to download NZBs without restrictions. NZBReader offers Unlimited Download Traffic, which means that you can download whatever you want without any restriction.

SSL Encryption

The biggest problem with some NZB Downloaders is that they don’t offer encryption which makes it easier for external entities to track users’ activities. NZBReader comes with SSL Encryption which encrypts all downloads to ensure that no one could track what you are downloading. 

No Logs

Another great thing about NZBReader is that it doesn’t keep logs of users’ activities. The website doesn’t keep track of your activities on the website, and once the session is over, the website discard all the data. So, whatever you download using NZBReader, it is none of the concern for NZBReader.


NZBReader is a pretty secure platform, and the company uses state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure that your activities are secured. For starters, the company doesn’t keep a log of your activities or track your activities, which is great in terms of privacy. 

NZB Reader

On top of that, NZBReader uses SSL Encryption to encrypt your activities which means that the Traffic from your browser to the servers will be encrypted, and no one will be able to track your activities. Overall, NZBReader is a very secure platform, and the company takes the privacy of users very seriously, which is a great thing.



NZBReader doesn’t come with the user forum, which means that there is no official medium where users could discuss issues or ideas. However, there are third-party forums available on the platforms where you can discuss or find NZBs.

NZBReader Highlights

These are some of the promising features of NZBReader.

  • Unlimited Download Traffic
  • Unlimited Download Bandwidth
  • SSL Encryption
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Logs
  • Availability for all devices (Mobiles & PC)
  • 99.95% Uptime Servers



NZBReader is arguably one of the best NZB Downloader, which makes it easier to download your favorite NZB’s instantly. Also, it comes with a very refined User Interface which makes it easier to use the tool. The tool also comes with very competitive pricing, but the only downside is that it doesn’t come with any free trial. However, we still think that NZBReader worth its price tag considering the features it offers. If you want a capable NZB Downloader with an intuitive User Interface, NZBReader is a solid option for you.

NZB Reader