NZBid Review

NZBid Review: Everything you need to know


NZBid is a US-based Usenet search engine which has been offering its services since 2011. The company has its server in San Francisco, California, US. The website also mentions that it is a startup project and its goal is to improve your search by making it effective and simple. NZBid is just a Usenet search engine and you will need the solid Usenet service subscription to access the Usenet. Our choice is UsenetServer because it checks all the boxes of an ideal Usenet service. In this comprehensive review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the NZBid. reviews the NZB sites to ensure that you find the right fit for you. You can read the comprehensive reviews of all major NZB sites on our website. Now, let’s get to this review.

UsenetServer Features

UsenetServer is the best Usenet service provider out there and they have been in the business for more than 20 years. The company is also actively growing its retention period and it offers the retention period of 4179 days which is one of the highest retention periods in the industry. Moreover, the company also offers a free trial, zero-log VPN service, and free Newsreader to its users. Its packages are also very economical and you can get features such as Unlimited downloads, Free unlimited Usenet search, Free VPN and unlimited speed for just $7.95 on a yearly package.

Following are some of the salient features of UsenetServer

  • Retention Period of 4179 days
  • Unlimited Download
  • Zero-log VPN service
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free Usenet Searches
  • The free 256-bit SSL connection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free Trial

UsenetServer offers the best value for money and you should give it a try. You can read the complete Review of UsenetServer on our website where we explained the details of the service.

Highlighted Features of NZBid

NZBid is a simple NZB site and it offers the following features.

  • No Memberships or registrations – Access the website without restriction
  • Retention period of 750 days
  • No Search limits
  • We didn’t find any ads on the website
  • Index more than 2 million NZB files
  • Allow you to search the specific newsgroups
  • Variety of search options


Membership Levels

Unlike other NZB sites, there are no levels on the platform and everyone can search the engine without any subscription or registration. The company doesn’t have any registration because the company has the goal to make the Usenet search simple and effective. With no registration or membership levels, anyone can do just go to the website and download the NZB files without any restrictions.

We also didn’t find any information about limits and we also did some searches and there was no restriction. Therefore, we can say that there apparently there are no limits on the search and you can do as many searches as you want.

API Integrations

We also didn’t find any information about the API integration on the website so we can assume that the company doesn’t offer the API integration.

Ease of Use

NZBid is one of the simplest NZB sites we have ever seen and it is also very easy to use. You don’t need any registration to access the website, simply go to the website and type whatever you want to search. On the homepage, you will find the message from the company where you will find the goal of the website and how you can help them improve it. On the top of the message, you will find the search bar where you can type your query and then select the filters such as the age of the post, newsgroup and even size of the NZB file. You can also find the NZB file according to the name or email of the author.


On the homepage, you will also find the all popular newsgroups which you can directly access by clicking on the link and navigate them. In the footer, you will find the DMCA policy and Disclaimer. Overall, NZBid is a very simple platform and one can easily use it without any problems.

Newsgroup Browsing

NZBid also features the 24 popular Usenet Groups on the homepage which you can use to access these Newsgroups and manually browse them.


Search Statics

The NZBid currently indexes more than 2 million NZB on its platform. The exact figure is 2,044,335 NZB files. There is also information about indexer frequency on the website. In our research, we also found that the NZBid used to index more than 7 million NZB files in the past.

Search Options

NZBid offers a wide array of search options that you can use to find the NZB files you are looking for. It comes with the following search options.

  • You can search the NZB file from the whole library or you can search it via subject name or the filename.
  • You can also search the NZB file according to its author’s name or email.
  • You can select the age of the post and it ranges from 24 hours to 750 days.
  • You can specify the specific newsgroup for the search.
  • You can also select the size of the NZB file.
  • You can also select the relevance of the file
  • You can also select the number of search results per page and it comes with three options: 25, 50, and 100.

Search Results

Search queries come with the following results.


  • Name of the NZB file (Collection)
  • Size of the file
  • Poster ID
  • Group(s)
  • Age of the NZB file
  • Download option

How to use NZBid?

NZBid is a very simple platform and it is also very easy to use. Here’s how you can use it.

  • Go to the NZBid website.
  • Now type the query.
  • Click on Advanced Search and select the parameters you want to select.
  • Now click “Find” and the site will show you the results.
  • The results will have the information about the Title, size of the file, poster ID, Newsgroup, Age of the file and download option.
  • Click the Download option and download it.
  • Now you will need a good Newsreader and a solid Usenet service subscription. Our top choice is the UsenetServer and they also offer free Newsreader so you won’t have to go for any third party newsreader. Simply get the UsenetServer subscription, download the Newsreader and you are all set to access Usenet.
  • Once you get the subscription & Newsreader, import the NZB files, open it and download the content.




We didn’t find any information about which protocol the company uses for its communication. However, SSL is the standard security technology that is used by most NZB sites for communication. The website doesn’t specifically mention which technology they use for communication.


NZBid also doesn’t come with any official forum on its website. Also, the company doesn’t have its official presence on social media platforms.

Customer Support

The NZBid offers very simple customer support and you can only get the customer support by email. If you need any information or help with the platform then you can contact the customer support.



NZBid is a free NZB site and you can download as many NZBs as you want without any restriction. However, the number of indexed NZBs is only 2 million which is okay but there are websites that offer more. Also, we didn’t find any information about the indexer so we can’t guarantee that you will find the latest NZBs on NZBid. In a nutshell, we can say that NZBid is a decent platform but it is certainly not the best and there are better options available out there. We would recommend you to check the reviews of Best NZB Sites on our website and then make an informed decision. You will also need a Usenet provider so make sure to check our top choices for the best Usenet Provider.