NZB-Tortuga Review

NZB-Tortuga standouts amongst the in was launched in the Usenet community November 2016, NZB-Tortuga is a new NZB site with both strong hardware specs and a Terrific plan for VPN development. It is a fully automated Usenet NZB platform that works on the Newsnab technology. You will need a Usenet Provider to go with your NZB-Tortuga account, we recommend Usenetserver.

Indexing very nearly 600 groups with more than 3 million posts, and it has been developing quickly, it has helped built an awesome community, and Retention is set at 3,000 days across all plans. Searches return results rapidly and won’t keep you waiting around. It has a fully phpbb forum joining which makes members dependent. Including Top movie and TV download on the home page which updates Every 24 hours.

For demanding users, NZB-Tortuga includes a new full custom theme.

Also, we have the platinum account where you will get all the great elements of VIP however with 25,000 API calls every 24 hours. Platinum membership cost £12.99 ($15.86), and you can likewise enjoy benefits like API Integration RSS feed unlimited true full site for 7 days, then after 7 days your account will be downgraded then enjoy only 4.99 for the year on a VIP plan.

The NZB-Tortuga API is compatible with SABnzbd, Couchpotato, Sickbeard, Kodi XBMC, Sonarr, and other software.



NZB-Tortuga highlights
• Newznab based NZB site software.
Free membership Trial
• The VIP Club and Platinum donations are yearly.
• VIP Level: just $6 a year. Boundless NZB downloads. 25,000 API calls every day.
• Plans for altering the default theme and making a community with phpbb.
• Server Hardware specs: Quad Xeon 3.3ghz, 16GB of Ram, 8 TB of storage, 5.8 usable in a RAID 5 config.
• Paypal acceptance and Stripe installments. and Bitcoin
• Both HTTP and HTTPS accessible
• Indexing 600 groups.
• Working towards a true 3000-day retention.
• Excellent protection, no logs kept and https://utilized.
• Rock solid API, Web and SQL servers with UPS and RAID redundancy



NZB-Tortuga is stuffed with a lot of features

You can utilize NZB-Tortuga free trial to checkout the features for yourself. With a premium (VIP) membership you can download boundless NZBs alongside API key and VIP only forum access. NZB-Tortuga is an indexer and ought not to be mistaken for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will have to download from Usenet. NZB-Tortuga will enable you to discover what you are searching for over millions of newsgroup posts without the requirement for downloading headers.



The sorts of NZB-Tortuga membership plans are listed below. One thing to note is that NZB-Tortuga was the first ever to add an indexing site to accept bitcoin
as a donation method.

Free Trial

“As a trial user, you will have full access to all their site and services with unlimited API calls and NZB downloads. However, after 7 days has passed from the date of registering you will either need to upgrade your account to one of their plans or it will be automatically downgraded.”
On the off chance that you need to have a feeling of how the system works or when searching for minimal content, the free Trial is an incredible decision for you. This is now a free trial full access to the site and all its features for 7 days then the user will need to upgrade

Platinum membership

Member of the Platinum membership appreciate all the VIP features and furthermore includes 25,000 API calls every 24 hours.
Because of pressuring request from its users, NZB-Tortuga intends to add another membership type known as Lifetime Membership. When the Lifetime Membership is launched, intrigued individuals will pay a one-time charge of $15.86. And therefore, they continue to get unlimited downloads every day like the VIP membership.
However, Platinum is a one-time donation for a Lifetime membership to NZB-Tortuga.

Simple to utilize

To begin with NZB-Tortuga, you require an NZB application and need to open an account with Usenet newsgroup. We recommend UsenetServer. Virtually search what you are looking for on the dashboard utilizing a watchword or key phrase on the Usenet Search. The search will load many files, from which you can get the NZB file by clicking the NZB icon. At that point, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB file in your most loved Usenet client to download the contents.
NZB content can be eBook, sound, video, magazine, TV clips and much more. You can store your NZB into your PC. After saving the document, you are done with NZB Tortuga. You will then import your NZB into the client software.

API integration

One cool thing about NZB-Tortuga is its API integration. The API integration enables developers to access and index NZB data by integrating API services into their applications. The indexer is perfect with a bunch of other NZB applications, making it one of the best indexer.


For indexers like NZB-Tortuga, your security is predominant. Before, there has been a security issues land bug. You need an indexer that can ensure your privacy and security which NZB-Tortuga provides you. NZB-Tortuga is a NZB provider that can handle security issues.


Likewise, all other NZB sites, the truth will surface eventually if NZB-Tortuga will live up to its promises. But for the time being, with great hardware and a respectable technical plan, NZB-Tortuga appears to have it all. What’s more, it has a great roadmap for the future.
As of 07-07-2017 NZB-Tortuga has a total of 3,717,055 NZB releases. So what are you waiting for get started now with their Free Trial!