Bitusenet Review: Everything you need to know

Bitusenet is a unique Usenet service provider which only supports the cryptocurrencies for payment. The company started its services in 2012 to promote the cryptocurrencies for Usenet access. It is also known for 0 confirmation on the bitcoin network which means you will also get instant access to Usenet. In this comprehensive Bitusenet review, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bitusenet. Let’s get started.

Pricing Packages


As Bitusenet is a crypto-based Usenet service, the price of the packages keeps varying depending on the value of the cryptocurrencies. However, the company does offer a discount on the package you get. There are 4 different packages which you can get.

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months – 10% Discount
  • 6 Months – 15% Discount
  • 12 Months – 20% Discount

The company offers a variety of cryptocurrencies for payment. You can pay for Bitusenet Subscription using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and other popular cryptocurrencies. 




Free trial

Bitusenet is one of the very few companies which doesn’t offer a free trial. If you want to use the service then you will need to get the subscription. Companies such as UsenetServer and Newshosting do offer a very generous free trial.

Retention & Completion

Bitusenet offers the Retention period of only 1200 days which is of the lowest numbers in the industry. On the other hand, popular companies such as UsenetServer offers the Retention Period of 4302 Days and Newshosting offers the Retention Period of 4302 days. 


Bitusenet offers the Completion rate of 99% which is the industry standard. However, the retention period of Bitusenet is below average and if you want to get access to older posts then you will need to get the Usenet subscription with a higher retention period.


Bitusenet offers 50 concurrent connections for its users. No matter which package you get, you will get the 50 concurrent connections that you can use to max out your Internet bandwidth. 


Bitusenet is a basic Usenet service provider but the company does offer some great features. These are some of the best features of Bitusenet.

  • The company offers the SSL encryption on all connections which means the communication between the Newsreader and the Server will be totally encrypted. 
  • There are no download limits on each package. You can download as much content you want without any restrictions.
  • The platform comes with the QR Codes support which allows you to pay for your subscriptions by scanning the QR Codes.

Do they have a VPN?

No, Bitusenet doesn’t offer any VPN but if you want to protect your privacy then we would recommend using a good VPN Service. You can find reviews of the best VPN services on our website.

Do they have their own Newsreader?

Bitusenet doesn’t have its own newsreader which means you will have to rely on the third-party newsreader to access the Usenet. You can find the reviews of the Best Usenet Newsreaders on our website.

Customer Support

Bitusenet only comes with email-based support and you can contact the customer support. The website also features the FAQ section but it only offers the answers to 9 FAQs which is very few. 


Bitusenet is a decent Usenet Service provider but it can’t compete with the major Usenet Services due to its below-average retention period and features. The Usenet Service Providers such as UsenetServer and Newshosting offer much better service, retention period, and completion rate at a very great price. That’s why we don’t recommend the Bitusenet and we would recommend you to try the other Usenet services. You can find reviews of the major Usenet services on our website. We would recommend that you should read the reviews and then pick the one which suits your needs.