BINZB Review

BINZB Review

BiNZB Review: Everything you need to know

BiNZB is a popular NZB site that has been around for more than 6 years. The company started its service in 2014 and it comes with millions of indexed NZBs which means you can get the NZB of your choice on this platform. In this comprehensive guide, we will review the various aspects of BiNZB which will help you know if it is the right NZB site for you or not. Let’s get started. 

BINZB Review

What are the Best Features of BiNZB?

BiNZB is one of the most popular NZB sites and it is known for its great features. These are some of the best features of BiNZB.

  • Free to use
  • Retention Period of more than 1550 days
  • Index more than 11 million NZBs
  • Include the NZBs from 2000 Newsgroups
  • Great User Interface

NZB & Retention

When it comes to any NZB site, the number of NZBs & the Retention period plays an important role in determining if that particular website is right for you or not. In the case of BiNZB, you get access to more than 11 million NZBs from 2000 most popular Usenet Newsgroups. The company also offers a retention period of more than 1550 days which is also respectable. 

Membership Levels

BiNZB is a free platform and it doesn’t require any membership or monthly subscription to use the platform. You can simply access the indexed NZBs on the homepage. 

API Integrations

We were unable to find any information about API Integration of the official website of BiNZB. Therefore, we can assume that the company doesn’t support the API integration.

Ease of Use

BiNZB Review is a very simple and basic platform that makes it easier to use. The website comes with the white theme which looks good. Also, all the content is well organized which makes it easier for you to browse the website and find what you are looking for. It comes with the dedicated search bar on the Usenet which you can use to browse the Usenet. The homepage also provides information such as Collections, Popular Newsgroups, and Breaking News about Usenet. 

The website also comes with the following dedicated sections.

  • Newsgroups – In this section, you will find the details of the Indexed Newsgroups.
  • Blog – In this section, you will find the articles about the Usenet.
  • Usenet Tutorial – Here you will find the brief guides on Usenet.
  • Lexicon – This section features the explanation for various terms used on the Usenet.

The website is also well optimized and fast. We didn’t face any problem during our testing and it was also very easier to use. Overall, we are satisfied with the performance of the website and it is also easier to use.

BINZB Review

BINZB Review

Search Statics

BiNZB features the millions of NZBs on the site which make it easier for you to find the NZB you are looking for. The website features more than 11,680,796 NZBs from 2000 Newsgroups on the platform.

Search Options

Unlike other popular NZB sites, BiNZB doesn’t come with comprehensive search options but the website does allow you to display the search in ascending or descending order. You can arrange the search results by Collection, Age, Files, and the size of the NZB.

BINZB Review

BINZB Review

Search Results

BiNZB search results are also brief and it only offers the information such as collection name, Age of the NZB, number of files in NZB, and the total size of the NZB. If we compare it with other popular search engines then they offer much better information such as the category of NZB, newsgroups, and more.

How to Use BiNZB?

BiNZB Review is one of the simplest platforms we have tested and that’s why it is also very easier to use. Here’s how you can use it.

  • Go to the official website of BiNZB
  • On the homepage, you will find the search bar on the top.
  • Type the NZB you are looking for and click “Search in Usenet”
  • The website will display the search results.
  • Pick the NZB of your choice, download it, and then transfer it to the Newsreader. It is important that you pick the Newsreader which supports the NZBs and you can find the best NZB-supported Newsreaders on our website.
  • That’s it.

BINZB Review


Security is not the strongest point of the BiNZB Review service. The official website doesn’t come with a valid padlock (SSL) which means that the connection between your browser and the server of BiNZB isn’t encrypted. Anyone who is eavesdropping on your connection can know what you are searching on the platform. That’s why if you wish to use this service then make sure to access the site via Good VPN service so no one can know your true identity. You can find reviews of the best VPN services on our website.


BiNZB Review doesn’t come with any official forums but you can socialize with other BiNZB users on the Usenet platforms on Reddit and Facebook.

Customer Support

As BiNZB is a free platform, it comes with a very basic level of customer support. You can only contact customer support via email. You will need to submit the ticket via the Contact section on the website.


BiNZB Review is a great platform and it also comes with more than 11 Million NZBs which means you are sure to find the NZB you are looking for on this platform. It also comes  with a great User Interface which makes it easier to use. However, the website doesn’t come with SSL connection which means you will need to use the VPN to protect your identity. Also, it doesn’t offer a variety of search options to filter the search results. Overall, BiNZB is a good NZB site but we think there are better options available out there that offer better privacy, forums, and search options. We would recommend you to check the reviews of our recommended Best NZB Sites and then make an informed decision.