BinTube Review

BinTube is a Usenet service meant to provide an all-encompassing experience for Usenet users. ” Taking Usenet to the Next Level “The service has a single package that aims to provide many features, such as a newsreader as well as acting as a Usenet service provider. Some of the other items present include a download accelerator and a search function. By bundling the service provider with it’s extra features, BinTube contains everything you’d need to get started with your Usenet Experience!
Bintube Review

Why do I need it?

If you’re new to Usenet you may be confused by all of the terms being thrown around in the start, so here is an attempt to clarify it a bit. A Usenet Provider is the primary server which allows access to files stored on Usenet. If you don’t have a service provider, which has copies of all of the files uploaded to Usenet, you cannot access anything on Usenet. In addition to a service provider, you will need a newsreader, a program that has the ability to read articles from newsgroups on Usenet, via the NNTP protocol. The content of these articles can include text, images and files known as binaries, as well as many other formats. In addition to these, it is highly recommended to have either an indexer or a Usenet search engine to make navigating and searching through Usenet easier.

BinTube acts as both a service provider and a search engine, in addition to having a newsreader software for subscribers. This means that it would be perfect for someone looking to get acquainted with how Usenet works without having to deal with all of the trouble of making sure everything is compatible. BinTube Usenet Service has everything you are looking for in a Usenet Provider.

Features and Highlights

A BinTube subscription gives you access to BinTube Ultimate, a Usenet reader that was first created in 2007 and has since evolved into quite a complicated piece of software. One of the unique features of the Usenet reader application is the ability to stream images and  directly from the application while it is still download. This is great for users to use without having to previously download the files. The UI of the software is also very user friendly and easy to grasp. The multi-tabbed browser makes it easier to look for multiple files at once, as well as compare search results for different keywords. Another nice feature is the addition of an OpenSearch implantation that allows users to search through many of the most popular Usenet search services without ever leaving the BinTube newsreader. It is available completely free to members of BinTube. The software also handles encoding and packing of files that are sent and received, as well as provide SSL for safer connections. NZB verification is also dealt with and if required, it automatically downloads and uses repair files, in an attempt to recover corrupted downloads.

The BinTube accelerator works with all Usenet clients and speeds up downloads through header compression. It has a download scheduler, download limiting and statistics. A real time bandwidth graph and per connection activity statistics are also viewable.

NZB Creation

BinTube Software also supports easy creation of NZB files using many different types of encoding. With just a single click, you can create a new NZB file for the particular download you need, and it will be generated according to your desired settings. You can also import NZBs created using other search engines to download using the BinTube service.

Retention and Completion

The BinTube Usenet service has a retention of more than 3850 days for both text and binary files. This number is close to some of the highest we’ve seen for any service provider, and it appears that they are making an effort to keep increasing the retention time by expanding their servers and storage space. In addition, the large server network means that BinTube can boast 99% completion. We certainly faced no issues with regards to completion. The service provider is quite clearly very reliable.

Newsgroups  Availability

There are over 120,000 newsgroup and the service boasts more than 99% completion of all newsgroups.


BinTube only has a single tier of membership, which costs around 10.99$ if you get a monthly subscription. This membership tier allows the user unlimited download bandwidth, as well as the maximum speed available. There is support for up to 30 simultaneous connections in this package. If you are willing to get a longer-term subscription, the yearly cost can be brought down to 109.99$. This is a 16% reduction in cost, and brings the total monthly cost to 9.09$ per month. This service also includes SSL encryption by default, a service which some other providers charge extra for.

For those concerned with privacy, BinTube is a excellent option. Both the newsreader and the service itself feature SSL integration. In addition, the download accelerator can force SSL, even on other newsreaders. In addition, they provide secure and anonymous payment through Bitcoin, essential for anyone who is very concerned with privacy. It does not, however, come with a VPN, which you’ll have to get separately.

How to use BinTube Global Search

BinTube Global Search is very easy to use. To access, you should first make sure that you have a BinTube subscription, which is required to get access to search results. Enter your required search term in the search bar or set your filters and click the search button. You should be taken to the search results page where you can download the NZB file you need.


BinTube is a Usenet Service  meant to provide an all-encompassing experience for Usenet users. “BinTube Take Usenet to the Next Level. They have brought Usenet Access to the NextGen. For only $10.99 / month you will receive this incredible offer. BinTube offer includes Unlimited Usenet access, the next generation Usenet client with streaming capability, the best Usenet accelerator available and access to their Usenet search engine. No other Usenet service provides more value for your money! Try BinTube, you will never go anywhere else for your Usenet.