Usenetserver Global Search & NZB

Usenetserver Global Search & NZB


Usenetserver Global Search & NZB

It is a well-known fact that Usenet is loaded with lots of content that is generated by users. Thus, you are likely to find what you need on the site. However, it can be time-consuming to find what you want from thousands of newsgroups. Now, UsenetServer Global Search  & NZB changes all that. This is because it allows you to easily and quickly search binary newsgroups for articles, which match your search keyword criteria. Moreover, you can choose your desired results and generate custom NZB file and download your binary articles.

The good thing about Global Search is that you can filter your articles based on poster name, post age, and post date. The Global Search is to UsenetServer users. In fact, it makes the process of searching for content at Usenet simple and a thrilling experience.

Online interface

Global Search is a tool that offers an excellent interface for finding newsgroups you are interested in. It has several filters that can help you narrow down your search results. In this way, you can cut your results by half when you narrow them to a particular newsgroup. Then, you can use this tool to create the NZB file. This is a great method that is bound to save you a lot of time as compared to downloading headers.


UsenetServer is rated as a top newsgroup access provider. They have been working tirelessly to bring new features and updates that can benefit their subscribers. Therefore, they ensure their Global Search tool is up-to-date and improved to generate quick NZB file generation and even better results.

Free tool

You should note that this is a free tool, which subscribers can use to find and transfer anything they want from Usenet. In fact, there is no need to download several headers or subscribe to newsgroups.

Why Global Search?

Global Search is a search engine that is similar to However, it is exclusive to their customers. You can use it to generate NZB files for easy downloading. It has filters that allow you to specify whether you want a new file or old file and even search in certain newsgroups or your preferred uploader.

Unfortunately, they do not have a filter for spam and file size. Hopefully, they will incorporate the same in future to make it a top search engine around. It still continues to be very powerful since there are no annoying ads that come with all alternatives around.

With the improved Global Search, their plans include:

256-bit SSL access

Uncapped transfer speeds

Thousands of newsgroups

14-day free trial

Direct access to Usenet network

UsenetServer remains committed to providing premium Usenet access to thousands of newsgroups. It is regarded as the industry leader as far as service reliability, retention, and speed are concerned. Its Global Search tool delivers superior results and ability to create NZB files. Be sure to check out our choice for Best Usenet Providers and NZB Reviews.