UsenetAgency Review: Everything you Need to Know

UsenetAgency Review: Everything you Need to Know

Usenet Agency is one of the newer Usenet Service Providers, which started its services back in 2018. The company operates from Arnhem, Netherlands, and it claims to offers the Solid Usenet Experience for its users. In this Usenet Review,  we will test these claims, and we will let you know everything you need to know about Usenet Agency. Let’s get started.

UsenetAgency Highlights

  • 3 Sound Subscription Plans
  • Up to 50 Concurrent Connections
  • Unlimited Connection Speed (Senior Plan)
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • 2031 Days of Retention Period
  • Variety of Payment Solutions
  • 7 Days of Free Trial



Pricing & Packages

UsenetAgency is a relatively newer Usenet Service Provider, but the company has got its popularity due to its sound plans. The company offers 3 different packages which you can pick according to your choice.

  • Junior Plan
  • Medior Plan
  • Senior Plan

Junior Plan

Junior Plan is the basic Plan of Usenet Agency, and it’s an ideal plan for basic users. In this Plan, you get a limited speed of 40mbit, which may not seem a lot, but it will work for the most entry-level Usenet users.


When it comes to concurrent connections, Junior Plan Holders get 25 concurrent connections which are more than enough to max your internet connection bandwidth. Overall, if you are a new Usenet User and want a Usenet plan to get things started, you can consider Junior Plan. You can get the Junior Plan for €2.46 per month.

Medior Plan

Medior Plan is the standard package by UsenetAgency which is designed for veteran Usenet users who want decent connection speed.  In this Plan, users get a connection speed of 80mbit, which is enough for most users. 

Also, Medior Plan comes with 25 concurrent connections, which you can easily use to max your internet bandwidth. The overall features of the Medior Plan and Junior Plan are very similar except for the connection speed. It also doesn’t come with any download limits, which means that you can download whatever you want without any restriction. You can get the Medior Plan for €3.69 per month.

Senior Plan

Senior Plan is the premium plan by Usenet Agency which is designed for power users, and it comes with the best of everything. In this Plan, you get unlimited connection speed which means that your speed won’t be restricted, and you can get a higher connection speed provided that your internet connection has higher bandwidth.

On top of that, Usenet Agency also offers 50 concurrent connections, which are surely more than enough to meet the needs of a power user. Overall, if you are looking for the best Plan from Usenet Agency, the Senior Plan is for you. You can get Senior Plan for €5.75 per month.

UsenetAgency Review

Free Trial

Free Trial is one of the best ways to test the overall service, and Usenet Agency is one of the very few services which free trial. The company offers a free trial of 7 days which allows you to enjoy the overall service for a week. 


During your trial period, you get the connection speed of 500Mbit, which will allow you to test the overall service. On top of that, you will also get 30 GB of Free data, which you can consume within 7 days. 

You can get the Free Trial by providing the basic details such as your first and last name, email address, and country. Once the Trail period is over, you can decide whether you want to keep using the service or not.

UsenetAgency Review

Retention & Completion

Retention is one of the major factors which you must consider when choosing your next Usenet service provider. Usenet Agency offers the retention period of 2031, which roughly equates to 5 years and 5 months. The retention period of UsenetAgency is decent, but it’s not as good as the other major Usenet Service Providers in the industry. For example, UsenetServer offers a retention period of over 4500 days which is more than double what Usenet Agency Offers.

Completion rate is another very important factor that you must consider, and the ideal completion rate is around 99%. Usenet Agency doesn’t provide any information on its completion rate. We tested the completion rate by accessing various newsgroups, and we were able to do it without any problem.

UsenetAgency Review

Connection and Speed

UsenetAgency offers up to 50 concurrent connections to its users, depending on their subscription plan. The Junior and Medior Plan holders get 25 concurrent connections per account, and Senior Plan Holders get 50 concurrent connections per account. We are satisfied with the overall number of concurrent connections, and we don’t have any complaints here.

When it comes to connection speed, the company offers unlimited speed to its Senior Plan Holders, which means that you won’t get any restriction, and it will all come to your internet connection bandwidth. However, if you have the Junior or Medior Plan, you will get a connection speed of 40Mbit and 80Mbit, respectively.

Does UsenetAgency have a Newsreader?

A newsreader is a software that allows you to connect and browse Usenet Newsgroups. Many popular Usenet Service Providers have their own Usenet Newsreaders, but unfortunately, Usenet Agency doesn’t have its own Newsreader. So, you will need to use the third-party Usenet newsreaders to access newsgroups. Luckily, there are tons of promising third-party Usenet Newsreaders available, and we have reviewed the best ones for you. You can check the best Usenet Newsreader Reviews on our website.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

Usenet Agency currently has one Usenet Server, which you can access “reader.” and you can access SSL Configuration through ports number 564 and 443. We also recommend that you use the SSL Port because it will allow the Newsreader to send the data in encrypted form, which will bar any tracking entities from tracking your activities on the Usenet.

Payment Options

Usenet Agency offers a wide range of payment options which you can pick according to your convenience. The service offers the following payment options

  • Credit Card
  • iDeal
  • AliPay
  • MisterCash
  • Sofort
  • Multibanco
  • Przelewy24
  • EOS
  • Giropay


Along with regular payment options, Usenet Agency also allows you to pay for your subscription using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which is a plus. Also, the great thing about Usenet Agency is that it doesn’t have an Auto-charge policy, which means that once your subscription period end, you will have to manually review it, and they won’t charge automatically.


Privacy Policy

UsenetAgency also comes with a very sound privacy policy which ensures that no one is tracking your Usenet activities. The service doesn’t require you to disclose any personal details, and all you have to provide is your email, and you are good to use the service. Also, if you don’t want to provide personal payment details like your credit card information, you can go for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payment which will allow you to stay anonymous.

Customer Support

UsenetAgency offers very basic customer support, and you can only contact customer support via email. The company also has a Help Center where you can find the answers to the common questions, but it’s not a comprehensive database and lacks the answers to common questions about the Completion rate, etc.

UsenetAgency ReviewConclusion

UsenetAgency is relatively a newer Usenet service provider, which has a long way to go. It comes with 2031 days of the retention period, which is very less considering what other major Usenet service providers offer. Also, the connection speed of Usenet Agency is also very low, and competitors such as UsenetServer and Newshosting offer much better connection speed. Overall, we think that Usenet Agency is not the right option for you and there are much better options available. We recommend that you check our Usenet Reviews, where we have reviewed the major Usenet service providers and shared our top picks. Also, if you have any questions, please check our Usenet FAQ section, where you will find answers to common Usenet Questions.