Usenet Newsgroups Retention

Usenet Newsgroups Retention

Usenet Newsgroups Retention

Usenet is often preferred given its robust architecture that naturally enhances privacy without any add-ons or extra services. While hosting millions of articles at a go, Usenet uses a method called retention to determine the lifespan of a given file since it’s upload time. In this article, we look at Usenet Newsgroups Retention in depth and look at some of the available Usenet providers with the best retention policy. Check out our Best Usenet Providers 2020 and compare retention for yourself.

How Usenet Newsgroups Retention Works

Based on the brief explanation given above, retention can be described as the measure of time that a file will be hosted on Usenet right from its upload to the servers. The time unit is measured in days or 24 hours as one single retention unit. For instance, let’s say a Usenet provider is offering retention for one thousand days; this means that once you upload a file to that vendor’s server, it will be hosted there for the one thousand days before it expires.

Importance of Retention

It is widely known that a Usenet provider cannot keep all the uploaded files indefinitely, hence the importance of retention. Retention is a means of expiring old content to create space for users to upload new content.

With advancements in hardware and compression technologies, most Usenet providers have increased their retention days. Smaller hard disks with higher storage capacity enable the expansion of storage space, both physically and virtually. Better compression algorithms have also helped in compressing large files to sizes that are easily manageable. Below are some of the best Usenet services with the most lucrative retention deals.


If you understood our explanation of retention. Then you know that Usenetserver is not a force to reckon with, especially with their days retention policy. With their very reasonable prices,  days retention is by far the best deal you get. Another added the advantage of this provider is that from time to time; they offer draws that give you the chance to win free retention deals. A better way to visualize their retention in a more understandable form is looking at the retention in years.  days is roughly nine years of retention.


Usenet Newsgroup Retention rates indicate the length of time that a post is available to you. Newshosting currently supports over   days of retention across all newsgroups.They have all the retention you could ever want. Try Newshosting for yourself!


Coming in third place is the one and only Giganews. Despite being one of the top Usenet providers with the most newsgroups, it also provides a whopping 2367 days of Usenet binary data retention. The retention is also affordable, and easy to set up. Giganews also gives freebies every once in a while, so it’s worth checking them out.


Last but not least, Supernews is another awesome Usenet provider to consider.Their retention stands at 9 years retention  , ten fewer days compared to Giganews for almost the same price. If it were up to me, I’d say Supernews is not a bad bargain. Supernews also maintains a large group of newsgroups, ensuring that they host some of the latest and most trending content on their blazing fast servers.

Usenet Newsgroups Retention can be a daunting topic to grasp or even find detailed information; this is the sole purpose of this guide. If you are looking for a Usenet provider that gives impressive retention, be sure to reference the above list for the ultimate deal. Best Usenet Providers 2020