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Security 2023 Protect Yourself Online – We’ve officially stepped into 2020 and it’s the perfect time to think about what we can do to make our lives better in every way possible. After you’ve pondered over some of the improvements that concern your physical existence, don’t forget to reflect on your virtual persona as well. Seeing that a big part of us is represented on social networks and on the internet in general, thinking about how we’ll behave in virtual reality should also be relevant to us. That is why this article can be used as a nudge toward thinking about your internet security and how you can make it stronger than ever. Security 2023 Protect Yourself Online

Beware of Additional Software

We’re all more than keen to seek out free programs and plugins that internet offers, but we’re not that willing to read what comes with them. Most of us turn into click-robots whenever we’re installing something, and we just click “Next” as quickly as possible to get what we want, which often leads into getting add-ons that we agreed on having without even realizing it. Cybercriminals count on us being lazy and not putting enough thought in what we’re installing on our devices and that is one of the main reasons they’re so successful in getting malware and viruses in our computers. In 2022, pay attention to what you’re accepting when you’re installing a new program and avoid unnecessary complications.

Also, bear in mind that most devices come with unwanted software that was put there by manufacturers, who are paid to fill your computer, laptop or phone with so called “crapware” that you don’t use and it eats away at your device’s performance. As soon as you buy a new piece of technology, be sure to get rid of all the programs that you have no use of and thus improve your security.

System Updates Are Still Important

Updating your operating system has always been at the foundation of your device’s internet security and that doesn’t change in 2023. Security patches and updates enable you to keep all the latest threats at bay and they serve to find and fix all the potential security liabilities you might have in your system. If you’re not really in the mood to keep an eye for updates constantly, just set everything for your device to do update automatically. It’s also worth mentioning that the apps you use most should be also be updated, otherwise they pose a security risk for your system. The thing with updates is that each one of them gives a detailed review of what they’re fixing and this is great for hackers, because they know exactly where the weakest points are. By not updating your OS regularly, you’re making someone infecting your device with malicious software as easy as taking a candy from a child.

Stay on Guard with Public Networks by Using VPN

Public Wi-Fi is becoming more and more perilous as time goes by, because hackers see it as an easy and quick way to get into people’s devices without too much effort. Consciously exposing your internet privacy to these dangers is not something you should ever do, because it can be a very prickly situation to be in and it’s a hard problem to fix. Using virtual private networks (VPNs) whenever you’re on public networks prevents all the hazards that come with it simply by encrypting all the data that comes into your device. Using a VPN like IPVanish or any other reliable VPN service enables you to freely use unsupervised Wi-Fi whenever you need them without succumbing to all the risks that come with it. Security 2023 Protect Yourself Online.

Use Passwords for Everything

When it comes to protecting physical access to your devices, having strong passwords is probably the best way to go. Use passwords to lock your smartphone, as well as your tablet, and when it comes to your laptop, consider using a password even when you’re getting out of sleep mode. If somehow your device gets into the wrong hands, your password will be your first line of defense, so make sure it’s a good one. Security 2017 Protect Yourself Online. Protecting the data by setting passwords will make it much harder on anyone to gain unauthorized access to your confidential information even when the device is stolen or lost.

Have Your User Account Control On

Some more impatient users have a habit of disabling UAC aka User Account Control to stop constant messages that pop up every time they’re installing a new program on their computer. This is not a good security practice, because UAC actually exist to check with you everything new that is going on with your device and it postpones installation until you’ve given your consent. Security 2023 Protect Yourself Online. This is very useful if a cybercriminal is trying to get something onto your computer without your knowledge, UAC will alarm you that something is happening and you can prevent anything bad from happening.

Internet security will only become more and more important in the future and it would be wise to do everything in your power to improve it as soon as possible. Using prevention is the best way to fend off any cyber pests that may come your way and what’s more important it will help you to constantly become more security aware. Security 2023 Protect Yourself Online.