NzbNdx Review: Everything you need to know in 2023

NzbNdx Review


NzbNdx Review: Everything you need to know in 2023

NzbNdx is a popular Usenet Search Engine that started its services back in 2013, and in 2023, it’s one of the biggest Usenet search engines with over 1.8 million NZBs indexed NZBs. If you are a Usenet user and you are interested in using NzbNdx, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about NzbNdx in 2023. Let’s get started.

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Retention Period

Let’s start with the Retention Period,  which is arguably one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a Usenet search engine. It’s important because it allows the users to get the older NZBs from the platform.

NzbNdx Review

When it comes to the Retention Period, NzbNdx offers the Retention Period of 300 days which is pretty respectable, and it’s on the higher side of the average retention rate when it comes to Usenet Search Engines. Overall, we are satisfied with the retention period of NzbNdx, and we don’t have any real complaints here.

Types of Membership

NzbNdx Review

Membership is another very important aspect which you should consider when it comes to choosing the right Usenet Search Engine. It’s important because many Usenet search engines have an “invite-only” system, and you can’t join the platform without an invite from any existing member. However, it’s not the case with NzbNdx, and you can easily sign up for it using the website.

When it comes to Membership, NzbNdx basically has two types of membership. The first type is the free one, and it allows limited access to the platform for two weeks. Once the two weeks period is completed, your free account will be closed. The free account comes with the following features.

  • Retention Period of 300 days
  • 250 NZBs per day
  • 10 API Calls per day
  • Valid for 2 Weeks

If you want premium access to the platform, you can donate $12, and you will be eligible for a VIP membership that comes with the following perks.

  • Retention Period of 300 days
  • 450 NZBs per day
  • 5000 API Calls per day
  • One-time Fee

API Integration

API Integration is another very important feature which you should consider when choosing a Usenet search engine. Having a functional API allow users to make API calls directly from the Newsreader, which saves a lot of time. 

NzbNdx Review

Unlike many other Usenet search Engines, NzbNdx comes with a functional API that you can easily connect with your Newsreader. The best thing about NzbNdx is that it comes with a dedicated API Section where you will find all the information and functions which you can use.

NzbNdx Review

NzbNdx Review

User Interface & Ease of Use

NzbNdx is a simple platform, and it comes with a simple sign-up process that you can use to become a member of the platform. Once you sign up, you need to log in with your credentials, and you will land on the home page.

The Home Page of NzbNdx features the instructions and important details related to the platform. On the top right corner, you will find the search engine where you can type the keyword and optimize the search based on the different categories. 

NzbNdx Review

On the top left side of the screen, you will find the menu where you will find the important links. Right next to the menu, you will find the dropdown menu featuring all the categories which are available on the platform. The overall User Interface of NzbNdx is very simple, and we didn’t find any problem with it. As it’s simple, you can easily use it without any problem.

NzbNdx Review

Features of NzbNdx

NzbNdx is a simple platform, but it comes with decent features. The platform comes with the following features.

NzbNdx Review

  • Feature over 1.8 million NZBs on the platform.
  • 2 Weeks trial period (Free Account) where you get 10 NZBs per day and 10 API Calls per day.
  • VIP Membership comes with 450 NZBs per day and 5000 API Calls per day.
  • Indexer runs every 15 minutes
  • Functional API
  • HTTPS Secured Platform
  • Good Uptime
  • Works well with popular Newsreaders such as SabNZBD and Sickbeard. 


NzbNdx doesn’t provide a lot of information regarding the security of the platform, but we analyzed the site and found that it uses the HTTPS connection, which means that the connection between your device and the website is encrypted. It means that no one can track your activities on the platform.

The platform doesn’t have any defined privacy policy, which means that we don’t know if the platform records your activities and, if it does, how it processes your data.

NzbNdx Review


NzbNdx is one of the very few Usenet Search Engines that comes with a functional Forum. The platform has a simple yet active forum where you can find posts from other members of the community and interact with them. You can also create new posts using the “New Post” button on the forum. NzbNdx forum doesn’t come with any categories, so if you want to find the post related to a specific category or topic, you will have to search for it manually. Overall, the NzbNdx forum is simple, active, and easy to use.

NzbNdx Review

Customer Support

Like most Usenet Search Engines, NzbNdx also doesn’t come with any comprehensive Customer support system, and the only way to contact the admin is through email. You can send an email to admin at , and you can expect a reply within 3-5 working days. If you want, you can also use the forum where you can post the issue and get guidance from the other members of the community.

General Performance

NzbNdx is a decent Usenet Search Engine, and it offers a good performance overall. In our tests, the platform did well, and we noticed almost no downtime within 7 days of the tracking period. During tests, we also tested its response time, and we got an average response time of 1.6 seconds which is pretty decent. Overall, we are satisfied with the general performance of NzbNdx, and it’s on par with other Usenet Search Engines out there.


Which Newsreaders  are supported by NzbNdx?

According to the website, popular Newsreaders such as SabNZBD and Sickbeard are supported by the platform.

Can I use the NzbNdx for free?

Yes, NzbNdx offers the free account for 2 weeks, and once the trial period is up, you will need to donate $12 to keep using the service, or your account will be closed.

Does NzbNdx offer a trial?

Yes, NzbNdx offers the trial package in the form of a free plan which is valid for 14 days, and it comes with the following features.

  • 10 NZBs per day
  • 10 API Calls per day

Does NzbNdx have a forum?

Yes, NzbNdx has an active forum where you can interact with other members of the community and post issues as well.

How can I contact NzbNdx customer support?

NzbNdx only offers email-based customer support, and you can contact the admin at


NzbNdx is surely one of the best Usenet search engines  which you can use in 2023. It comes with a decent retention period and offers great general performance, which makes it a great option. We would also recommend that you check our reviews of other NZB Search Engines and then make your decision. If you have any questions, please check the Usenet FAQ Section.

NzbNdx Review