Hitnews Review

RatingPricingFree TrialBest Usenet FeaturesPayment OptionsRetention
9.95 Euros/month3 Days
  • 1600 days Binary Retention
  • SSL protection
  • Free Trial
  • Nighttime Accounts
  • Bank Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Paypal
1600 Days


Hitnews started its journey in 2006 and Company’s headquarter is in Southampton. The company is known for its quality services and unique packages. Hitnews offer retention period of 1600 days and download speed goes up to 500 Mbit. All packages include the complementary SSL connections for better online security.



Hitnews offers a variety of packages to its customer and these packages can cater any type of users.
Standard accounts come with unlimited 24 hours downloading. Hitnews offer following standard packages

  • Speed, No. of Connections, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year
  • 2.5 Mbit, 2 Connections, 2.95 Euros, 8.45 Euros, 15.95 Euros, 26.95 Euros
  • 5 Mbit, 4 Connections, 4.95 Euros, 13.95 Euros, 26.95 Euros, 44.95 Euros
  • 10 Mbit, 8 Connections, 5.95 Euros, 1.95 Euros, 31.95 Euros, 53.95 Euros
  • 25 Mbit, 8 Connections, 6.95 Euros, 17.95 Euros, 34.95 Euros, 67.95 Euros
  • 50 Mbit, 20 Connections, 7.50 Euros, 18.95 Euros, 36.00 Euros, 69.00 Euros
  • 80 Mbit, 30 Connections, 7.95 Euros, 21.50 Euros, 42.50 Euros, 84.95 Euros
  • 120 Mbit, 30 Connections, 8.95 Euros, 24.95 Euros, 49.50 Euros, 99.95 Euros
  • 500 Mbit, 30 Connections, 9.95 Euros, 28.95 Euros, 55.95 Euros, 105.95 Euros

Hitnews also offer short-term packages, which offer the following features

  • High-Speed Connection up to 500 Mbit
  • 30 Connections
  • Unlimited downloading
SpeedConnections1 Month €3 Months €6 Months €1 Year €
2.5 mbit22,958,4515,9526,95
5 mbit44,9513,9526,9544,95
10 mbit85,9516,9531,9553,95
25 mbit86,9517,9534,9567,95
50 mbit207,5018,5036,0069,00
80 mbit307,9521,5042,5084,95
120 mbit308,9524,9549,9599,95
500 mbit309,9528,9555,95105,95
Short TermsConnections48 hours €1 week €2 weeks €
High speed301,502,953,95
Nighttime accounts1 month €12 months €

- Full speed download (up to 500 mbit) at a minimum price!

- Monday through Friday from 12AM - 4PM CET

- Saturday and sunday from 12AM - 10AM CET

- Outside these hours you can download at 1 mbit

€ 4,75€ 52,50

You can get 2 days short-term package subscription for 1.50 Euros, 1 Week Subscription for 2.95 Euros and 2 weeks subscription for 3.95 Euros.

Hitnews also offer Nighttime accounts for power user where they can enjoy high-speed connection up to 500 Mbit with unlimited downloading in Nighttime. Nighttime account users can enjoy unlimited speed from Monday through Friday 12 AM to 4 PM CET and Saturday and Sunday from 12AM-10AM CET. Users will be limited to 1 Mbit speed outside these hours. Nighttime one-month subscription is available for 4.75 Euros while 12 Month subscription will cost you 52.50 Euros.


Hitnews have server farms in Europe so if you are from Europe you can enjoy the high speed but if you are from other regions we will recommend you to check our top Usenet providers who provide their services worldwide.
Hitnews also feature the Speed booster which increases the speed of all accounts outside peak hours. Users can enjoy this feature without any fee.

Payment Options


Hitnews support the following Payment options.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Delta, Solo, Switch, JCB
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • American Express

Hitnews also support the Cryptocurrency payment. You can pay using BitPay. Bank Transfer is the slowest method of payment, it takes up to 5 days to complete the transaction.

Free Trial

The company offers 3 days trial period to its users where you can enjoy all the features. For a free trial, you will have to follow the signup process and you will have the option to sign up without providing your payment details. Once your trial period is over, you will get a notification to put your payment method and select your package.


Hitnews doesn’t have its own newsreader however it supports the popular 3rd party Newsreaders like Grabit, Newsleecher, Alt.Binz and SABnzbd. 

Newshosting VPN

They have just added a Newshosting VPN which keeps you safe at WIFI spots, stops ISP throttling, and provides a virtual firewall. They provide a custom easy to use VPN software. You can purchase their VPN service separately or as an addon to their Lite and Unlimited Plan. The best buy is the XL Powerpack because their VPN is included.

Retention and completion

Hitnews offer binary retention of 1600 days which is equivalent to 4 years. Text retention is also limited to 1600 days. The completion rate was also good in our tests.


  • SSL.hitnews.eu -Secure Server- port 563 or 995
  • News.hitnews.eu - Standard Server - port 80 or 119
  • Free.hitnews.eu - Trial server - port 119 (563 for SSL)
  • Upload.hitnews.eu - Posting server - port 119 (563 for SSL)

Connections and Speed

Hitnews offer up to 30 connections to its user however 5 connections are enough to max-out the speed of your ISP. Hitnews performed well in our testing and you will get high speed unless your account’s speed is limited or there is an issue with your ISP.



Hitnews customer support is only accessible by email. You can contact customer support at support@support.hitnews.eu. They get back to you up to 3-5 working days. In our test, their customer support was not very responsive.
Hitnews social media page was also unresponsive. The website also lacks the information and Website also don’t have any FAQ section


Hitnews has been around for more than a decade but the company still lack some of the basic features. Hitnews offer high-speed connection but retention period is still very low as compared to other Usenet providers. The company offers a wide range of packages but these packages come with a speed caps and for High speed, you will have to get 9.95 Euro package which is very expensive for the services you get. Hitnews also doesn’t have its own Newsreader. Customer support is also not very responsive and their website is also very basic. When you sign up for the trial period, you land on a blank page where you don’t get the instructions about the next step. Overall, Hitnews is OK however our list of Best Usenet Providers offer better deals so in most cases we would reviewing these options.c