Giganews Accelerator

Giganews Accelerator

Giganews Accelerator Giganews is regarded as one of the best Usenet providers . It has added an amazing feature to its services known as Giganews Accelerator. This is a program accessed by their customers to download news up to 10 times faster. This is made possible with the in-built header compression technologies.

Giganews Accelerator is simply a standalone program, which runs in the background with your newsreader. This program was first released in 2007 with the aim of ensuring 256-bit SSL encryption and improve header download performance. So, how can it encrypt and compress header if you are using a newsgroup that does not support SSL? As you will find out, Giganews accelerator is proxy-based software, which can enable encryption without relying on the Usenet client. .

What does it do?
The following are some of the Giganews accelerator roles:

Compresses headers up to 10 times faster for header downloads
Real-time reports on your traffic
Enables 256-bit SSL encryption
Encode Usenet command traffic
Compatible with standard NNTP Usenet newsreader
Control download speeds

How to set up Giganews accelerator
You should install the setup to your news server address and port 119. This is necessary to allow the newsreader pass all traffic through the program. If you have SSL encryption enabled, you need to disable it as the accelerator will take in charge. Other information including a number of connections, username, and password should remain unchanged.

Understanding compression technology
This program sets itself apart from various Usenet compression programs. This is because the compression is achieved at protocol level instead of network level. When you compress at the protocol level, you can compress parts of the data stream where compression does make sense. You can also leave parts, which should not benefit from compression. You should understand that compression requires time and CPU to compress and decompress the data.

Secure Logins
With Giganews accelerator, all logins are secured through SSL. As said above, it does not matter whether you have purchased the SSL encryption package. Remember that your logins are private.

Real-time reports
With real-time functionality, it is possible to know the number of connections that you can open and the commands, which are being issued.

Rate limiting
This program allows you to limit your downloads. In this way, you can easily optimize your bandwidth. This is necessary if you are sharing an internet connection or you want to continue doing some things as you download data. Thus, you can reduce the connection speed to control the flow of bandwidth.

If you are planning to use Giganews Accelerator, you should check all features for yourself. The good thing about it is that it is a free program and it improves Giganews Usenet experience in a great way. Be sure to read our Giganews Review.
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