Firstload Usenet– The best UK Based Usenet Service?


Firstload Article – The best UK Based Usenet Service?

Firstload is one of the oldest Usenet Service Provider, which operates from the UK, and the company has been in the business for more than three decades. The company started its operations back in 1979, and it’s considered one of the best Usenet Services in Europe. In this guide, we will review the various aspects of Firstload’s Services and will tell you if it’s the right choice for you. Let’s get started.


Pricing & Packages

Let’s start with Pricing and Packages of Firstload. The company offers a variety of packages which you can pick depending on your requirements. When it comes to packages, the company offers two monthly packages, two 6-months packages, and one weekly package. Before we get to the details of the packages, let us tell you about the features you get with these packages.

  • Access to over 100,000 Newsgroups 
  • Retention Period of over 1200 Days
  • 30 Days of Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Trial
  • Free Flatrate
  • Customer Support

Monthly Packages

If you are interested in monthly packages, you will have the choice of two packages.

The first package is called the “Firstload 300,” which comes with 300 GB of data per month. In this package, you get all the regular features, such as a retention period of over 1200 days, access to over 100,000 newsgroups, and more. If you are interested in Firstload 300 package, it will set you back for €19,90 per month.

The second package is the monthly premium package that comes with a whopping 800 GB of data per month. This package is designed for power users, and it doesn’t come with any restrictions. In this package, you get all the regular features, and it will cost you €39,99 per month. 

6 Months Package

If you are interested in long-term packages, Firstload offers the two 6 Months Packages.

The first 6 Months Package comes with 100 GB of data per month. Like other packages, this package also comes with all the regular features, and it will cost you €9,90 per month.

The second 6 Months Package comes with 250 GB of data per month. In this package, you get all the regular features, and it will cost you €16,50 per month.

Weekly Package

Firstload is one of the very few Usenet Service Providers that comes with a weekly package. The company offers a single weekly package that comes with unlimited data storage. It comes with all the regular features, and it will cost you €9,99 per month.

Does Firstload offer Free Trial?


Yes, Firstload offers a 14-day trial period which you can use to test the Firstload Services. The package comes with unlimited download speed , and you can use it without restrictions. It also comes with the newsreader software, which you can use to access Usenet.


Usenet Search Client

Firstload is one of the very few Usenet services that have their own Usenet Search Client . The company offers its own newsreader named “LUMAC” to its customers that comes with useful features. 

For starters, it comes with a comprehensive search engine which you can use to search Usenet and get the stuff you want. It also comes with various filters which you can use to refine the search.

On top of that, it also comes with a preview feature, which allows you to preview the files before getting them on your computer. Also, its 1-click download feature makes it easier to get the files you want. You can also keep track of all the downloading using the built-in download manager.


Another highlight of Firstload is its User Interface which is very refined and well-organized. Overall, LUMAC is a great Usenet search client with solid features and an intuitive User Interface.

Retention Period

Firstload comes with a retention period of over 1200 days, and it’s the one area where it doesn’t shine. The 1200 days retention period is decent but not the best. So, if you want a Usenet service with a good retention period, you should consider comparing it to other Usenet P.


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Connections & Speed

Unfortunately, Firstload doesn’t provide any information about the concurrent connections on its website.

The company claims that it offers unlimited speed, and we tested the service with our 50 MB/s connection. In our tests, we got an average speed of 41 MB/s speed, which is not the best. It’s also important to note here that the company doesn’t provide any information on the servers, but considering the speed, it’s safe to assume that they are not near England.


The official website doesn’t provide a whole lot of information related to the configuration, but as it comes with its own newsreader, you can easily connect with the servers using your credentials. 

Payment Options

The company offers different payment options depending on the plan you choose. If you select Firstload 300 or Firstload 800, you will need to use Credit Card for Payment. Similarly, if you select Firstload 100 or Firstload 250, you will need to use your Debit Card. If you choose the weekly package, you will need your Mobile Account for payment.


Privacy Policy

Firstload has a pretty simple privacy policy, and the company will only keep your personal and payment data which you will provide when you will signup for the platform. According to the Privacy policy, the company doesn’t keep track of any personal data. It’s interesting to note here that the privacy policy was last updated on December 6, 2007, so there’s a great possibility that the company might have changed its privacy policy, but it’s not reflected on the website.

Customer Support


Firstload offers pretty basic customer support, and it offers a couple of ways to contact support. The first method is email support which you can use to contact the support at The company offers email support 24/7.

The second way of contacting customer support is using the phone number, and you can contact them at the following numbers.

  • 1-800-820-48-15 – You can contact this number for general support and service.
  • 1-888-596-9279 – You can contact this number for billing support and information on data storage.

Firstload also comes with a general FAQ section where you can find information regarding general topics, but if you need help with specific topics or problems, you will need to contact support at a given email or number.

What is free Flatrate?

It’s a unique service by the company, which is when activated, will limit you to 2 MB/sec download speed, and your traffic will not be deducted from the download volume. In simple terms, when you enable this option, you will get a limited download rate but unlimited downloading volume. You can enable Flatrate using the Flatrate button in LUMAC.



Firstload is a decent Usenet Service provider with a variety of good features. The main problem with the service is its low retention period which can surely be increased. Secondly, they also need to work to speed, which is slow when you compare it with the competitors. Before you make your mind, we recommend that you check the reviews of other Usenet Service Providers and then make the purchase decision.