EarthVPN is a VPN service provider based in Northern Cyprus, but under the jurisdiction of Turkey. It is relatively new and has recently been on the rise in terms of popularity and market share of the industry. This is all thanks to the very low prices of the services that they offer, with no logs whatsoever being kept. The low prices do not, in any way, compromise on the quality of service or type of features offered. It beats the perception of being too good, which many tend to form about it.

Pricing & Plans

The basic package of EarthVPN can be purchased at a stunningly low price of $3.99 per month, or $39.99 per year. This makes it among the cheapest VPN services that you can get in the current market. You can also purchase some additional options, each for $1.99 including:

  • Simultaneous VPN connections. This allows up to three separate devices to be connected from a similar IP address.
  • OpenVPN upgrade to 256-bit AES encryption.
  • SSH/SOCKs5 tunneling.
  • Static IP address.

All the available add-ons come at a cost of $11.95/ month, which is quite realistic considering the type and number of features.

There is no free trial option that is offered. Instead, a money back guarantee within 7 days is given, which works quite as well.


Payment Methods.

EarthVPN can accept payments via Paypal, Alipay, Bitcoin, Unionpay and Webmoney.


Features offered

EarthVPN gives access to servers in 151 locations, spread across 32 countries in all the continents. The strategic placement of these servers facilitates minimal latency, continuous connectivity and great speeds from all over the world.

It secures all your online information including credit cards, details of online accounts such as usernames and passwords and banking details.

Another main and popular feature of EarthVPN is the unlimited transfer speed.  The network transfer speeds go up to 1 Gbps on all their VPN servers worldwide. This comes with unlimited inbound and outbound bandwidth on all the servers as well.

EarthVPN does not log user activity or VPN usage. Private and personal information remain to be just that, private and personal.

The offshore servers on all the continents are optimized specially for P2P and torrent traffic. This makes it easy to download music and movies without all the worries and legal hassles.

EarthVPN can run on all of the major operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It also fully supports platforms like desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android cell phones, and PDAs.



EarthVPN provides 24/7/365 customer care and support via emails and support tickets. Remote Team Viewer is also availed when needed through support request.

VPN Protocols Offered

EathVPN allows connection via L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN running on ports UDP or TCP, with an exception for SSH/SOCKS5 tunneling which is only possible through a third party software.



EarthVPN offers an impressive performance with top-notch user privacy standards. It is a great choice for people in need of affordable and reliable VPN services, with servers all around the world.