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  • Gigs Never Expire
  • EU & SU News Servers
  • Free SSL
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3720+ Days

BlockNews  offer several attractive packages to suit just about any type of user, from the light user and the heavy user. They can get you started with Usenet news group  you want, and the speed you need! Blocknews offers several features for the Usenet lover.


* Block Account Size
5 GB Block Account $1.99 Non-Expiring
$0.40 / Gig!

10 GB Block Account $2.89 Non-Expiring
$0.29 / Gig!

25 GB Block Account $3.79 Non-Expiring
$0.15 / Gig!

50 GB Block Account $6.49 Non-Expiring
$0.13 / Gig!

100 GB Block Account $10.49 Non-Expiring
$0.10 / Gig!

200 GB Block Account $15.99 Non-Expiring
$0.08 / Gig!

500 GB Block Account $33.99 Non-Expiring
$0.06 / Gig!

1024 GB Block Account $63.99 Non-Expiring
$0.06 / Gig!

3072 GB Block Account $179.99 Non-Expiring
$0.05 / Gig!


Payment Options

Payment Method
Pay With Your Paypal Account

Credit Card
Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Discover

Cash / Money Order 2 Extra Gigs Free!
Mail Your Payment To Us

Crypto Currency Payment

Free Trial

BlockNews offers no free trial.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

US Server:
EU Server:
EU Server 2:
Unencrypted Ports: 13, 119, 2000, 8080, 9000

Encrypted (SSL) Ports: 443, 563, 5563



Security is their greatest concern. They give their customers the ability to use SSL encryption if they should choose to.

If you are a Heavy user or need more than a simple block account? Their sister site, UseNetNow.Net has some great prices on unlimited accounts! You will be sure to find an account that suits your needs!

Retention and completion

BlockNews News Servers retention is growing. It is now at 3,720+ days for binaries, increasing day by day, and text is at over 2 years!

Connections and Speed

They offer their users the ability to use up to 50 connections.


BlockNews has a ticketing system where you can submit requests for tech support.


With these features, Blocknews.Net feels it can deliver one of the best Usenet experiences out there. You will get what you want, when you want it in minimal time from our lightning fast usenet system. Be sure to check Review we have chosen Best Usenet Service Providers