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Binary Boy Review

Binary Boy is a relatively small-scale Usenet service provider, which although is not very popular, claims to provide its users with top of the line Usenet service. The website has servers in both Europe and the United States and has also has a great newsgroup downloader available.

Pricing Packages

Plan types:
– metered Usenet

There are two packages available for Binary Boy. The one meant for users with lower loads is called ‘Standard’ and allows the users access to 50GB of bandwidth. This package costs 7.95$ per month while the more premium ‘Pro’ package will set you back 14.95$ for each month. This membership tier will provide you 150GB per month. There is no unlimited package available. If you sign up for Binary Boy Usenet service, you can get 10$ off the newsreader.

Payment Options

– PayPal, Credit card

Free Trial

Although there is not a proper ‘trial’ available, you can cancel the service within the first month without any charges being deducted from your payment method. This allows you to give the service a shot without having to commit to anything.

Binary Boy


Retention and Completion

Although the service provides excellent completion, its retention is lacking. Its completion is around 99% which means that very few files from the retention period will be missing. The 160-day retention period, however, is quite worrisome. Many of our recommended Usenet providers will often have the more than ten times this amount. For many users, this will be a deal breaker.

Connections and Speed

The service had reliable servers from what we have experienced. They were also excellent at dealing with dropped connections, especially those from dial-up connections. It can handle up to 10 different connections.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

– (US East)
– (US West)
– (Europe)

Features and Search Clients

The Binary Boy Usenet service does not have a great many features. It is quite barebones, but it provides reliable service across both Europe and America. The Usenet provider also makes it very easy to cancel, without any hassle or hidden charges being present.


The Binary Boy newsreader is available for 19.95$, but you can get 10$ off from the price if you’re a subscriber to their Usenet service. The newsreader can automatically extract RAR files. It can also handle 64-bit article numbers. There is also support for header compression. You can even automatically schedule downloads. The Binary Boy newsreader is certainly a Useful piece of software

NZB Compatibility

Binary Boy is compatible with both NZBs and yENC encoding. This means that you have the flexibility to choose whether to download with NZBs or directly using headers. You can even use a combination of the two.

Customer Support

You can contact Binary Boy support using either their email or the forum. Response times are quick and most problems were usually resolved within the first 24 hours. Email support:


Overall, Binary Boy provides decent service and the newsreader is ok. However, there is a major flaw in the service that will be hard to look over. The 160 day retention period will make the service a bad option, considering that many similarly priced options are much better in this regard.

Binary Boy offers a good subscription package but you should compare our choices for Best Usenet Service Provider .  Binary Boy does offer their own News Reader but UsenetServer offers a more complete Usenet Experience.